Optimism Versus Pessimism, which is better?

Optimism Versus Pessimism, which is better?

Being a real optimist, one knows all the possibilities of an outcome, knows how to deal with the worst situations that may come in the best ways, then goes forward with eyes on the goal. People are naturally goal-oriented, As such, to move forward in life, one must focus on what one wants, what the best outcome would be, learn from failures, and keep moving toward the gold. We have known for some time that the mind is a very, very powerful thing. Most people do not utilize its power like they could.

Being pessimistic is a negative reaction to a situation that may otherwise be positive. Rarely is the situation so bad that a positive response can't change the outcome for the better. Optimism is kin to the ripple in the pond. Good energy encourages more good energy which makes the world a better place.

Optimists dream up of new things but pessimists keep them on the ground. There is no set "better" way of thinking. It's all relative depending on the situation. There have been plenty of people who have changed the world that were optimists. The same can be said for pessimists. Again, it's all relative. I'd be interested in your opinions, would you favor more on the side of Optimism or Pessimism?

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  1. starlette

    Oh Gawd Dianne need you ask……..has to be optimism all the way for me……..you only have to be in the company of a negative person for five minutes and they can soon bring your mood down to the floor…….I would love to know the positives of being a negative person……..I just think the people that are negative dont know they are…….they really think their conversations of their illnesses and problems are stimulating to the person trying to look interested in what they have to say……..not sooooo negative people…..lol….on the other hand maybe inventions have happened due to a negative persons way of thinking…I dont know….

  2. rose1943

    Of course we would all love to be positive and happy all the time. Who wouldn’t? Listening to a person’s health problems…..can be a good thing, a positive thing knowing how it helps that person to have someone to unload this onto. Could that help them be more positive?
    I feel that laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. A book has been written on that and how he was healed when he used that after getting totally disgusted with what the doctors were doing with him to no avail. He toured hospitals after that to help others.
    We surely need to help each other. Maybe you’re right Star about the inventive people with negative minds. Maybe we should get some info on that. Good idea.
    Nice blog, Dianne, makes us think a bit. Thank you!

  3. Rockflower

    One good description of a pessimist is…….A person who burns their bridges before they get to them. It results in a paralyze of mind and spirit a close companion to depression, a which came first ….the chicken or the egg thing. I don’t know if someone is born pessimistic or do they develop this stance. It is probably a bit of both although i expect that unfortunate life experience could induce a fear that ‘life’ is out get you. To some extent I think that this is self for-filling, if you act like a victim chances are, you will be one. So being a pessimist is not a good thing on the whole.

    Optimism is invigorating , proactive. The optimist always feels that there is a solution. As with every thing it can go too far resulting in a person never being aware of any danger but I guess they die happy, LOL. The wise optimist expects the best but sees the dangers. What works for me when confronted with a problem is just that….Expect the best but acknowledge the worst that could happen and work out how to deal with it because there is always a solution. Just having formulated a plan for the worst allows you confidently expect the best.

    There has been research done showing that if a person smiles , that act of arranging facial muscles several times a day , can elevate mood in that person. Perhaps because if yo smile at someone they are more inclined to smile back and this sign of
    approval encourages. Like wise in some cultures they have laughing exercises where people gather together and forcibly laugh. Just make laughing noises. This too is said to energize and make people happier. Like Rose, I think laughter is very good medicine. Perhaps this why the ‘court jester’ traditionally had special privileges, perhaps this why genuinely funny people are so loved and honoured. People in jobs where they have to confront horror develop a special humour to help them cope with it we call this gallows humour. Great comediennes and clowns have often been very sad people in their real lives. It is the the two sides of the mask as first depicted by the ancient Greeks…..comedy and tragedy the very drama of life..

  4. rose1943

    So true, Way. I need to do everything possible to avoid consequences. I guess that’s pessimistic but I was raised that way I can be no other way. NORMAN COUSINS wrote the book about how he left the hospital with a horrible disease, nothing made sense to him on what they were doing and how they were doing it…so, he went and did research…alive and well after having been told the very worst. He wrote about laughter after he found out the magic it puts into us. He goes to one hospital after the other talking to the patients and making them laugh…….teaching them about true optimism and how it helps.
    Our attitudes depends on our backgrounds. Not everyone came from a happy home but as long as we do our best to get help, etc. we’ll make it through.

  5. roseinbloom

    I tend to be optimistic, maybe too optimistic at times; I was less cautious but I am not paralyzed by indecision. I have ignored obvious signs that people were up to mischief and just ignored it and the mischief got worse, but we are happier and we have to work hard to find things and people who lift our spirits and are good people. We have to work hard to find ways to bring joy to the people in our life, as long as we can. There is trouble in our governments, and we have little control over a lot of the hardship in the world but we need to find enough optimism to wake up, get up, and try to have a happy day, or at least a productive day that benefits ourselves and others in some way.
    I have been to optimistic about people, when they lack character, they are not to be trusted and they can’t be fixed. I still have to be optimistic that there are good people and I can find them. I can also try to help the young people who are going through the loss of faith in people and we’re hurt because they expected too much, and trusted too much.

  6. vonMichael

    Life has tought me to be sceptical, means everthing I do can turn out positive or negative. If things turn out to be negative
    I’m not disappointed, if it turns out well I’m satisfied with my decision. Quite simple but it works.