Okay, it’s a rainy day

. . . and if you could have a favorite meal or dessert delivered to your door, what would it be? I'd want salted caramel/ apple cheesecake from the CheeseCake Factory, and steak and mashed potatoes with double butter! I'd already have a pot of tea brewing, and a tot of Irish whiskey to pour in it, lol. Then i'd settle in bed with a Pride and Prejudice movie/ mini-series OR, The Mummy movies with Brendan Frasier...or something totally fun.

Your turns!

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  1. roseinbloom

    MRs. K, This is a good blog, we need to think of planning a good day and be ready to treat ourselves special on a rainy day or just a bad day.
    I would be happy to share all of that with you. I just subscribed to Acorn.com so I could watch British TV all day. I already read Pride and prejudice and usually don’t read Books twice.
    My favorite dessert would be Frisch’s pumpkin pie with whipped cream which they only make in the fall, and I will have to think about the rest.

  2. Rockflower

    Well it sure has been , is wet, grey and miserable. I think you have the right idea, enjoy it LOL! It is wet, cold, or a heavy snow day. Ok batten down the hatches and enjoy. I’d like to make some delicious Indian dishes, mainly vegetarian in my case, finish with mango sorbet and Darjeeling tea. I’d then do some stitching while listening to a long play on the radio. Later on after an hour or two, I’d settle down with a slice of home made Queen of Sheba cake, this is made with ground almonds in-place of flour , has a thick chocolate glaze and is just probably a 1000 calories a slice but we will not think of that LOL. Several cups of cappuccino. while watching great TV. the programs covering something, dogie and or horse, art program, very funny comedian with clever wit…..then some opera . That would do it for me. This is also the way I tackle a bad cold or ‘flu……enjoy it! long warm baths, lots to read, the radio, and weepy music……soon sees the infection off.

  3. jessamyne

    I love the rain! I usually throw open all the windows to hear it better, and get that fresh air into the house. It’s a good day for baking and quilting. So many indoor hobbies I never run out of things to keep myself busy.

    Cozy up with the cat and a book, and there I am.

  4. roseinbloom

    jessamyne, I can love a rainy day, but many rainy days in a row that are cold and wet and sometimes windy, too windy for an umbrella and we have to be outside, is a whole different story. I am also using a rainy day for the storms of life that become unmanageable.

  5. Ms. K. Post author

    I guess everyone has too many days, and am longing for long, hot sunny ones. lol I’m tired of summer, never my fav time of year. I avoid the sun for medical reasons, so I get really excited when it rains. ūüėČ