Numbness in Both Legs

I am sure that there will many Chatters familiar with this problem - were you able to overcome it? or at least improve things.

I have recently turned 88 and for the last few months have experienced numbness in both legs and feet and for the first time in my life I am not able to walk far - sometimes I am almost unable to get around the house.

My general health is excellent and a daily walk has started my day for many years (after I have check Chatters page).

I have seen three doctors all of whom say "well you are 88 " The most recent visit has brought me some Paracetamol which helps - at least when I'm in bed. But a walk to the shops is not really something I can look forward to anymore.

My question is, have you experienced this problem and have you been able to overcome it? Any advice will be appreciated -

Kind regards Drummer

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  1. Lady Muck

    I was hoping there would be some replies as I’m interested in this problem. Your doctors should be ashamed for not giving you an explanation. They should at least tell you whether it’s a circulation problem, which I would guess it is. Massage would probably help. Starting with the ankles and gradually working up, using one of the essential oils. Even nicer if you can get someone to do it for you. I get numbness when I sit in the same position for too long. I’ve had my legs collapse under me, which was very alarming!

    1. janey

      I don’t get numbness in my legs, but do have nerve damage (peripheral Neuropathy) and this has caused balance problems, I can still walk everywhere though sometimes a little wobley. I use a stick now, but I can’t stand still for any length of time without almost toppling over, especially if I stand with feet together.
      I’ve seen a consultant and had tests.
      This is diabetic related, though I have very mild diabetes which is diet controlled.
      I don’t think there is much to be done, and I am lucky in not having any pain with it. I am just coming up 81, and have good health, otherwise.

      1. Drummer Post author

        Hello Janey Thanks for your response – it really seems that most of us as we get into the eighties have undercarriage problems – yours clearly is different to my own particularly with the balance problems, but I I hope that you are able to kee
        Best wishes Drummerp up with your walk, for as they say you use it or lose it!

    2. Drummer Post author

      Good Morning M’Lady Thanks for your response to my enquiry – I should say that I visited three different Doctors
      (one being my old family Doctor from way back) they all came up with exactly the same diagnosis – Old Age! However I am encourage by the responses received and am certainly persuing it further – in the meantime I had a long conversation with my Chemist who suggested I try ARTHREM – which he is dispensing widely – I guess I will give this a trial and will certainly let you know how I progress.
      I am pleased to say though, that this morning for the first time I did manage a bit of a walk and it seems that at least
      The Paracetamal is at least taking the edge off the soreness in the ankles – I should say though that I am now bushed for the day!
      As always Maam – your servant Drummer

  2. starlette

    Hi Drummer, sounds like some kind of nerve problem……..could be compression on a nerve that is causing the problem……. I do not think your doctor is being very professional in just assuming its down to age…… need some x rays and scans to try and find the problem, there could be a solution available…how can you treat something without knowing what it is……..

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Starlette Yes, I think you are probably right with your summation, but it seems that they don’t make so much fuss over we oldies. I am finding Paracetamol help with the pain.
      and my Chemist has recommended I try a course of ARTHREM so will see how it goes!
      Thanks for your interest Kind regards Drummer

  3. cappuccino

    I agree it could be a circulation problem ,Drummer…… I have problems with my feet and find that a “Circulation booster” helps….Certainly,your so called “doctors” dont seem to be much help at all,

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Cappacino Thanks for your response to my blog – I have today visited my Chemist who has suggested I try a course of
      Arthrem which is described as a joint food – well it’s worth a try. In the meantime will continue Paracetemol as this does ease the pain somewhat.
      Kindregards Drummer

  4. roseinbloom

    Drummer, I am sorry that you have this problem. I am shocked that three doctors just say “old age” and that just sounds like a malfunction of the health care system and not “old age”. You do need to advocate for yourself and get on touch with your health care system. I knew a woman in her 90’s who had to switch doctors to get treatment. She is now 104. Old age is a gradual thing and a sudden onset of symptoms has a cause and the cause can be treated if known. Do you have chiropractors where you are. Maybe you could be referred to one if you insist. Have you seen a neurologist? I think you need to persist in getting help with your problem. I wish you health and healing.

  5. Drummer Post author

    Hello Roseinbloom Thank you for your kind reply – It has been my experience that medical care here in New Zealand
    is of a very high standard , but in my case it is lacking somewhat – my Doctor has put me on Paracetamol and I have to admit that this is certainly helping – I even managed a reasonable walk yesterday. I have also spoken to the chemist who suggested a course of Arthrem which I started yesterday also – so I have to say that I am at least now able to get around the shops now – so that is progress.
    As a young man I used Chiropractor services regularly- but must admit that to being somewhat nervous of having my spine attacked after all this time! The current position then is that I am at least progressing and am able to get around again with care. Thanks for your helpful advice – it is much appreciated. Kind regards Drummer

  6. rose1943

    Hi Drummer, my experience is from having a herniated disc in my lower back since age 18. I didn’t get an MRI until my late 40’s. Very bad pain, spasms and sciatica. I was warned of numbness in my leg on the one side. The cordizone shots, no longer working, I went to see my Naprapath. They do muscles, not bones, and not heard of much here in the U.S. Started doing a Yoga posture called the Cobra very often during the day even at work. Naprapath recommended Alexander Technique. Took long to find him but finally did, one who had studied it in the U.K. He and the Naprapath taught mr all about the spine. Long story short ( oops, it’s too late for that), I guess what I’m saying is the doctors gave meds and that’s where it ended. As long as I keep doing that Yoga posture, I can be pain free and without numbness. I took Yoga classes in my 40’s and found it to be a godsent. There are some teachers still on the tv here. As long as your legs aren’t swollen, the doctors probably won’t put you through a lot of tests. A friend of mine just had all those tests for leg nerves, etc. after a year of terribly swollen legs to the point where he could hardly walk. I just hope you take a path that will get you back to normal and I’m glad to put this up here so we can share our experiences with you…..God Bless.

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Rose 1943 Thank you for your comments and advice.
      I am pleased to say that Paracetamol seems to helping a lot.
      Fortunately I have not had swollen legs so I think maybe I have been lucky. Thanks for your kind interest.
      Kind regards Drummer

  7. Drummer Post author

    Hello Roseinbloom

    Thanks for your kind advice. Am glad to say that I am now progressing with the aid of Paracetamol – progress slow but certainly steady – even went shopping this morning.
    Kind regards and thanks Drummer

  8. vonMichael

    Paracetamol Drummer is definitely the wrong medicine you take because it can cause unpredicted side-effects as far as I know.
    The way you explain it I would guess you have a blood-pressure problem. One thing you could try; put a hard pillow under your heels where your tiptoes should not lay higher than your heart.
    Try a contrast bath in the morning ( cold and very warm water ) and if you can buy it in NZ a mountain pine oil which should be rub in your lower leg afterwards.
    Kind regards, Michael

  9. Drummer Post author

    Hello Michael

    So nice to hear from you again and thanks too for your valued advice – things are progressing fairly well at the moment but I fear there is not a lot one can do for Old Bones! Hope you are well?
    Kind regards Drummer

  10. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,
    thank you for your nice words. Let me ask you; do you sleep on your back during the night or do you prefer to sleep on one of your sides??
    If you sleep on your back than your total weight lays on your tailbone. Talibone pains wander down into your legs!!
    So if you can do it try to sleep on your left side whenever it is possible for you. Kind rwgards Michael

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hello Michael Thanks for your valuable advice . I don’t sleep on my back – very occasionally I use the left – but always when I do get to sleep I find myself on my right sides and seem to stay there all night.

      Thank you again, Kind regards Drummer

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