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New – Group Calendar Feature

Hi Chatters, I recently added a new Group Calendar feature to the site so that Group Admins can now schedule events for their Group throughout the site.

Here's how it works...

Go to your Group and located down the left hand side you'll see a new 'Calender' link, click on it to get started.

Now to create an event, simply click on a date in the calendar.  Notice that you can advance month-by-month using the Next -> link at the top of the page, if for example your event is to be held outside of the current month.

After choosing your event date in the Calendar scroll down the page a little to enter the details of your event. Notice how the 'Date' field has now been populated with the date you selected on the calendar?

Go ahead and give your event a title, description and of course a time as to when it all kicks-off.  All times are in GMT+1 (London) so if you need to work out when your event should start in your part-of-the-world, pop on over to the Timezone page.

Also, at the bottom of the calendar page you'll see a handy little feature that enables you to enter a location of your event.  It's important to realize that this IS NOT a location within Senior Chatters.  It's actually a physical location instead.

So for example, if you're planning a get-together with some other Chatters and you've arranged to meet at the 'Tower of London'.  Simply enter the address in this field and a Google Map will be created; enabling everyone to see where to go and how to get there - pretty neat.

Of course, if your event is within Senior Chatters, most will be,  simply untick this option as it's not relevant, and then click on the 'Create Event' button to make your event live.

Congratulations! your event has now been scheduled and can be seen in the sidebar on the homepage, and in the Groups section too...

You'll see two new modules.  One lists ALL Upcoming Group Events that are taking place, no matter if you're a member of that Group or not (the idea is you might want to join a Group based on the event that is upcoming...).

...And the second module let's you know what events are upcoming in the Groups that you are already a member of.

 Want to be the Admin of  your own Group and start creating events?

Great, hover your mouse over the main Groups menu option and then click on the 'Create a New Group' button.   All I ask is that your Group is UNIQUE and not similar to something already live on the site.  We don't want to duplicate things.

On a side-note I am reviewing Groups now, and will be deleting any Group that hasn't been used in the last 6 months to help keep things ship-shape 🙂

As always, I'd be interested to hear what you think?

All the best



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