Near Miss Has Anyone Had One?

Some time ago I had a near miss: I had to move a really heavy steel container 6foot tall and 3foot wide as I tried to move it It slipped and toppled over on top of me slowly pushing onto the floor.  I found myself trapped under it, my legs had got crossed somehow during this so I couldn't move at all. I then started to realise I was being crushed and there was nothing I could do. I started to cry for help but the place I was working in was away from the road and no one could hear me.

After about 10 minuet's I was pretty sure my time was nearly up,  still calling for help.  Funny thing was I think I could have used my mobile to call for help only my wife came to mind, I said no I wouldn't call her and let her hear me moaning in pain until it was over.  I couldn't let her have the last memory of me like that.  As I started to drift away someone turned up and with a pole as a lever got me out from under the thing. When I had finally recovered and went into the toilet I looked in the mirror and saw my face, it was completely grey.

I have never seen that before any time. That was the only time I have looked death in the face and it was a really frightening experience.

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16 thoughts on “Near Miss Has Anyone Had One?

    1. yas23

      l have a book that is very interesting called Near Death Experiences which is written by a nurse who works intensive care hospital, she started talking to people who had die for a short while, and what they had seen on the otherside as they say, most had the same type of experience, going through a dark tunnel to a bright light, then into a wonderful garden more beautiful than they had ever seen, so full of love and peace, they saw they loved ones, pets, chatting happy some even talked to them, then they were told it wasn’t there time yet, so was sent back to there own bodys, but there lives were never the same, made them make the most out of life, put wrongs right ect gave me hope l can tell you. yas

      1. Tommy H Post author

        Your comments brought some tears to my eyes. I do hope there is a beautiful happy place for those who should have seen some care and love in this existence but sadly haven’t . Thankfully my near death experience didn’t get as far as to experience passing over. but it certainly has seemed to have changed me . I’m looking for the positive in everything now. trying to ignore the negatives that comes my way. let others deal with it. don’t have to feel concern for others who hurt. I’m now just looking for happiness and love. That’s quite enough for me.
        Thanks Tom xxxx

        1. yas23

          Thank you Tom so glad my message helped you, if you ever want to know the name of the book and writer please let me know ok. Glad you have such a happy postitive spirit now. take care Yas xxx

    1. yas23

      Yes l believe this too, the thing l found surprising in the book about stories from all over the world, as this nurse decided to make her life time work to look into this subject so others told her there near death stories, that different faiths saw the same garden !! so made think that l think God looks at the heart more than what you believe, also people saw there pets too. A few saw hell, so when they came back to there bodys changed there ways.

  1. roseinbloom

    Tommy H, that was a horrible experience for you. If you could have called your wife, why not call 911 or someone else to help.
    I had a frightening tumble down the stairs and was sure I was going to die and all I cared about was that the pain would stop. I am sure the only thing that saved me was the stairs were carpeted and well padded. I had a big lump almost on the top of my head. The fall must have taken a few seconds but I can still remember everything I felt at the time.

    1. Tommy H Post author

      Hi roseinbloom, Sounds like you were in a lot of pain falling down the whole stairs that could have killed you. glad you are ok lov xx.
      i couldn’t concentrate because of the pain from being crushed. all that came to mind was my wife but i couldn’t tell her.

  2. roseinbloom

    Thank you. Tommy. Your ordeal sounds terrible, but I knew mine would end very soon and I was not afraid of dying at all. This bring me some solace. I am the type that I would have thought that I would have been terrified, but I was not, nor did I worry about my life or who was left behind. I learned a lot from the fall. I am sure that my brain was only processing pain and dealing with it. I have not been nearly as frighten of dying since. I have read that death is not that bad if it is a natural process, so I will try to avoid and unnatural dying process with tubes and all that.
    T for your understanding. Tommy H.

  3. Abhilaaj

    One has to leave the planet in pre- decided manner and time, programmed in great detail by Him and His team on skies before one’s birth in consultation with one – one’s soul, as per one’s Karma in previous births.

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