My Hero’s

Of all the people past and present, I have a short list of those that I would have liked to have met and spent a little time with. My three are George Soros, Sir Winston Churchill, and Paul McCartney.  So come along everyone, let's hear from you regarding the people that you would really have liked to have spent a little time with?

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  1. starlette

    Hi Jim……Nelson Mandela what to say about this man !!
    John Lennon…….a lot more to him than music…
    Graham Young the mass poisoner and other mass murderers……. a bit gruesome i know, but to maybe get the answers as to why……

  2. lani36

    Morning David , i would have liked to meet and speak with John Lennon , i always admired his easy aproach to life and his way of cummunication with sending out forth love inthe world without any hangups .

  3. roseinbloom

    My list would keep changing but I would like to know:
    Catherine of Russia
    Marilyn Monroe
    Mary Wollstonecraft
    I would also like to have conversations so with my mother and father who passed away about 40 years ago as many questions have occurred to me as I have grown older.

    1. Rockflower

      Good question Slimjim, I admire many of the persons previously chosen but of of about 19 mentioned 5 are women so I should like to address the balance a bit….. Countess Ada Lovelace was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron. She was also a mathematician worked with Charles Baggage on his ideas for a digital computer and she wrote the first computer program.
      ……. Elizabeth Philpot, 1780- 1815 palaeontologist. She was an amateur because she was denied university .
      …….. Florence Nightingale , statistician and nurse.
      ………Hypatia 370BC first recognized female mathematician.
      ………Jane Austin wrote perfect elegant English. Great observer of people and life as she knew it.
      Artemesia Gentleschi 1593-1652 managed to be a great artist when women were not supposed to have any real talent or sell their work. Her work strong and uncompromising.
      Mary Beale 1633-1699, probably much of her work attributed to male artists of the time.
      Elizabeth Fry…..battled the establishment to treat prisoners with humanity amongst other things.
      Recently watched programs about how Britain trained agents who were to be dropped behind enemy lines to aid resistance and cause havoc for the enemy during WW11. The SOE trained men and many women. I was struck by these seemingly ordinary women who lived regular female lives pre the war, then with a few weeks training stood up to the Germany army. I can only begin to imagine the constant controlled terror all these agents lived with in occupied europe, men and women. How ever I don’t think people know enough about them. Because of the official secrets act, not many had their stories told. So I would like to say how deep my admiration is for all these agents. However I identify with these women and their untold heroism because I don’t think I would ever be as brave as they were.

  4. roseinbloom

    Rockflower, My list were all women and there could have been many more. In many cases I have read already about the wives of some of our great presidents like Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Eleanor Roosevelt who were amazing.
    Mrs Einstein was also a physicist who may have done a lot of the work for which Albert Einstein got the Nobel Prize.
    In spite of all the limits to education and discrimination and lack of personal freedom, women have still been amazing.

    1. Rockflower

      I know Roseinbloom, it was your post that made me do a count . There have of cause been legions of wonderful heroic men as I’m sure you would agree but so often women of equal brilliance don’t even get a mention. Perhaps not so many women because historically women were not educated and generally denied any opportunities. The fact that some women got anywhere that allowed them to exercise their talents was heroic on it’s own. Recently in Uk some one counted up the number of public statues of famous women compared to those of men well as you will guess, very few. True there did seem to have been a secondary industry in turning out Queen Victoria statues, she is all over the place LOL! Not many more women however got this recognition. Like you I could make a much longer list and a long list of American women on there own, who should be household names. Women in all fields of endeavour, medicine, science, writing arts and exploring I think of all those Victorian women who went climbing mountains in long full skirts LOL. Women like, Freya Stark 1893-who explored the Arabian peninsular,first woman to cross the southern Arabian Desert, on her own. She also explored Afghanistan. Her maps and intelligence so good they were used by the British in both world wars. But it is Burton and Lawrence that are known so well. I do wish that all young women of today were given these women’s histories to have as role models instead of the ” famous for doing nothing celebrities”.Talking to a bunch of lab’ workers ( getting blood work done), in conversation I mentioned Madame Curie…… Who ? was the question…sad isn’t it?