I've read a few times over the last few months that someone (probably some scientist selling a book) that the person is already born which will live 1,000 years.

Do you believe that?

I don't.

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  1. Rockflower

    I know I don’t want to believe that. Yet I do not entirely think it impossible. I’ve read articles by scientists far more clever than me, saying it would be possible to ” download” a life experience, a life of accumulated knowledge and save it???? In our experience we know that anything with moving parts wears out, so what do you download this ‘mind” into. Are we to contemplate farming super excellent bodies to receive down loaded knowledge? Or will we keep these super minds in sterile files for reference? Who will control all these wisdom cells? Who will decide which minds will “live” for eternity? What will happen to the sub standard brains and bodies are they expendable for the good of the exceptional?
    In fact no matter how brilliant a mind, can it retain that brilliance without stimulation form other life forms and environment? The ancient Greeks knew a thing or two and their credo was that body and mind were as one. So far I just don’t see any body lasting 1000years and at least I know it will not be me.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      With all these possibilities you mention, it seems to me we are into a semantics and at least to me it is not a “person” that is going forward but a portion of a person. I’m reaching a ripe old age and it isn’t even a wish of mine that I live on a lot longer. Youth is gone. Interests and activities that were a part of early and mid life are not possible or enjoyable any more. I’ve known and accepted since childhood that a term somewhat less than 100 years would be my life. I at this point feel it was a great life and it has been enough. I’ll look forward to what is left but want hardly anything more but to not be bored or in great pain.

      This statement about living 1,000 years rings of opportunism to attract he young to buy a book. Many authors search for opportunity before they have settled on a subject and the vast numbers of young people, thinking they would like to live forever, is a big market.

    2. lani36

      Saw on our A.B.C. News Programme…. A scientist and his colleagues have discovered a process to prevent all types of diseases, etc: etc: in the aging process, it will be available in 4 to 5 years, he claims this pill will not only make us live longer, but eradicate all rouge cells in the human system. He also claims they have been working on it for some time to alter the aging process and prevent debilitating diseases in older people . I didnt get his particulars as i was busy at the time …

  2. waylander

    If they are talking about the physical body lasting 1,000 years then we are in real trouble. Even extending the normal lifespan of , say, 50% of the population to about 200 would create chaos as the food, housing, medical and power needs etc would just about finish off the already overburdened ecosystem that we exist in.

  3. roseinbloom

    No, I think I read a long time ago that we have about reached our genetic potential and I believe 100 years seams to about as long as a human body can be viable. 10x that long is just not possible. Maybe in a 1000 years, all the problems of aging can be solved but I do not think so.

      1. 5mintbreak

        Do any of you seriously believe we will have long lives!? With all the drugs, drug effected children being born, the obese crisis in affluent countries, the world wide unrest! no I for one, can’t see longer lives happening at any time soon, the reverse in fact.

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