Memories Of Summer Fun

What are some of your memories of those childhood summers of, it seems, so long ago? I was browsing through my sites and noticed this mentioned elsewhere. thought I'd post this question to you folks.

One of my fond memories of summers past, when I was so young, is eating lots of watermelons, and constantly playing baseball in the field across from our house. Spending those hot summer nights outside, playing with my friends at the time. We never stayed in, always outside playing hopscotch or something. And, that ice-cream man coming down the streets...we'd hope so, to get our ice cream cone, they were called "creamsicles" and were orange coated, with ice cream filling. I remember going to the park, sitting with the suopy, having fun.

So many fond memories of summers past, when younger. Oh, and the Iceman, bringing in that so huge block of ice each week, for my parents' very old fridge! We did not have a backyard, as dad was poor so he would use the roof of our house, it was actually an old building, with a mechanics garage downstairs. we lived in the upstairs. dad would barbecue on the roof, and even grew a small garden up there, tomatoes, etc. Here is a pic of myself, with Mom, taken up on that roof. I was about 11 yrs old then.

What are some of your fond childhood summer memories?

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  1. bosleyboy

    I have lovely memories of the 1950s, when I was a young lad growing up in the village of Bosley, located in rural Cheshire in Central, England. We hadn’t a lot of money as my Father sadly passed away when I was just 9 years of age, and summer holidays were few and far between.
    For summer fun we would visit the nearby canal and swim in the muddy water, then sunbathe on the grassy banks and chat-up the local girls. Looking back, it’s a wonder we never caught typhoid or some other horrible decease, but that length of the Macclesfield Canal between bridges 51 & 53 will remain in my memory forever!

  2. grandmaj

    Its great looking back on memories. I remember a weekend house as we called it that we went to on weekends obviously, it was nothing flash at all, the floor was on a slant, my brother and I used to have a old go cart and would start at one end of the house and ride down the hallway lol I have lots of good memories some good some bad, but only try think of the good. Its also good to relay these fun stories to my children they have a good laugh at some of the things. I think technology keeps a lot of children inside now, And the world certainly wasnt as dangerous back then as it is now. Good blog, thank you

    1. grandmaj

      Just a bit of useless information as it reminded me when I wrote this. Where our weekend house was , the place was called Cribb Island.
      Cribb Island is a former suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, which is now part of the site of Brisbane Airport. The suburb is perhaps best known for being the childhood home of the Gibb brothers who later became famous as the Bee Gees.

  3. LoneRogue

    The comment about the ice man brings one to my mind. We kids loved to stand on the step at the back of his truck when he was carrying the ice to our ice box and suck on the many slivers of ice on the floor. It seemed a treat. probably was not so clean but we didn’t care or one of us would say that old wives tale “you have to eat 1 pound of dirt per year”. I guess “dirt” being anything that wasn’t food. lol

    1. 5mintbreak

      Ah yes, the summer fun of long ago! Can remember on the stinking hot days we would be allowed down to the Murrumbidgee River to swim, swim out to the middle and float down to end of beach area and swim out of the current and repeat over and over. If not allowed down to beach, it was a mile away, then it was put the hose sprinkler on and play under it, but don’t be too long, ruin mum’s lawn!
      In heat waves our double brick house would heat up and not cool down, so it was out with our stretchers and a sheet and sleep out on the lawn. Was where I learn what the southern cross was and the milky way! and what a shooting star was.
      Yes the safe good old days, so carefree, I feel I have lived in the best of years!

      1. LoneRogue

        I have no idea where it ever came from but when I was a kid in Pennsylvania I heard it said by other kids during various playing activity. I don’t think it is anything but a thing that kids said and repeated in certain situations simply because they had heard it before.

        1. Abhilaaj

          I did find it out pal- IT IS DERIVED FROM A PROVERB-

          ”You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.”

          Prov. No one can escape eating a certain amount of dirt on his or her food.; Everyone must endure a number of unpleasant things in his or her lifetime. (Often said to console someone who has eaten some dirt or had to endure something unpleasant.) Ellen: Oh, no! I forgot to wash this apple before I took a bite out of it. Fred: You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.

          Thanks many.

  4. roseinbloom

    Summer fun is a fun blog and sends us back to our childhood. I lived in the country and always had some chores to do and more in the summer but most chores were fun to me. I roamed the fields and woods and played a lot with siblings and cousins. Experiencing nature was a constant source of wonder and delight, and beauty.
    I guess the most fun was playing hide and seek with a bunch of us in the evening and even in the dark. We also played in our creek and had a swimming hole to play in. Growing up in nature makes an impression that is never forgotten.

  5. Abhilaaj

    ”Thanks for finding that. It seems like something that is so human it resides in us at birth.”

    LoneRogue said so above.

    How true- I am very much interested in Idioms, phrases and proverbs of ALL the universal languages..they are such a treasure- a priceless legacy.

    1. LoneRogue

      I have thought of another thing that I have heard said about “every one has a double somewhere”. It is a statement that couldn’t be confirmed of course . Perhaps it is something that you will find some data on.

  6. Rockflower

    I had a happy childhood I now realize this the older I get. We were not a rich family, now I understand that my parents must have had a hard time making ends meet at times.Yet we children never felt their worries. We did not get expensive things and some how we understood that.
    We played outside, we made dens in the woods, we did theatre shows in the garage.We gathered things , seed heads, stones, flowers and then played shop selling these pretend goods for hours. We went to the beach alone and played amongst the rock pools. We went miles on our own and we were perfectly safe, we were respectful to adults and if we told not to do something we did as we were told. We had so much more freedom in the 50s.We had chores to do but once they were done, during the summer school holidays, Mother expected us to be out until meal times. We had to work hard at school and it was disciplined but we did not have the pressures that kids have today… “fashion’ pressure. We had school uniform. something for church, for parties and going out.That was it. Yet I think I would rather be a child in 1945-50s. we felt safe, we were free range,had the security of a little discipline and we had innocent fun.

  7. sandiebun123

    When I was around 9 or 10 years old I had two special friends (and their dog) and during the summer holidays we would go everywhere together. We would walk for miles and miles across the fields, playing games andhaving fun, we would be out all day and out parents didn’t know what we got up to! You couldn’t do this now, how times have changed!

  8. Sky

    My First memoryof summer and childhood
    Was very slowly stepping off a huge plane, holding the hand of a lovly crew member.
    To me I felt cold, yet the sun was shining . but all I knew was warm sun much warmer than this
    People spoke very strange, I couldn’t understand them
    I was Four years old
    and Israel was my home.
    Now I was meeting my new parent,s
    In a new country, They picked me up in their arms so much warmth and caring filled me.
    June was the month, and scarlett was the colour of my dress
    That summer stays in my memory always
    Two wonderful people , Mum and dadxxx

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