In analyzing my life without trying to sound remorseful or even unkind to myself, I now realize that every hour, every minute, every second is not history, but art. I hold the brush, and I can paint the details of my life with the delicate, timely precision of a skilled artist with each minuscule stroke that I choose, or I can rush the craftsmanship by crudely overlooking the sparkle of each second. Now, looking back at the wonder of my past, I have for many years chose to make it a struggle, but now realizing, I merely chose to paint with dull, muted colors. I have tried to let go of many things in my life, by now realizing that what I was trying to let go of, merely added to the mastery or the framework of my life, the backbone, though warped in many ways, yet much stronger. Perhaps that is the beauty of art. I focused on the learning as painful, instead of loving. Instead of showing the moments of pain with the beauty of light that perhaps it deserves, I hid my pain under muted skies, away from light. Yet, looking back, the saying ‘if I only had 20/20 vision’ at the time, that perhaps, I would not have made the mistakes that I made. Enlightening tickled when, someone pointed out, how did I know they were mistakes? Then I knew without a shadow of doubt that I needed to switch my colors, because the so-called mistakes have now became the highlights of my art. Learning, is strength, not dull at all, but when I am no longer here, and someone looks back at my finished art piece,  I want highlights , so I have made a note to myself that the highlights or struggles are colorful contributions to my life making it a true masterpiece. Perhaps, that is why Vincent Van Gogh chose such vibrant colors for his art that now sells for millions.  

Mary 03/18/20

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  1. Hello 1099………I guess it all comes down to how we view our past “mistakes”………..I think we have to turn them into positives and learn from them………colour them red for danger and don’t go there again………still a nice bright colour though……..why is feeling down described as feeling Blue………look up to the beautiful Blue Sky with its cotton wool clouds, what’s sad about that……….Green with envy…..people in Towns can only be envious of country dwellers………Yellow the colour of the Sun as we depict it…….Daffodils, Sunflowers and many more……..rosy pink cheeks…….lots more bright colours around than dull ones unless you count Brown for the earth……..but that is a giver of life for seeds, flowers to brighten our day and fruit and veg to sustain us……….so all in all focus on the bright side, the dull patches pass…… is a bowl of Cherries and all that……and what’s nicer than a big Yellow Banana…..

    1. Exactly Starlette! Yes mistakes either break us or make us! Point of this writing is….that my mistakes are perhaps shadows that I never confronted because of hating the experiences. I was not trying to say to be proud of the mistakes just to highlight to know the strength it took is to overcome because I now know the power to overcome and scars are needed to be a part of who we are. A gift of forgiveness is only to ask for it and it will be given, that I have already done. Now I need to paint the highlights showing I have scars of conquest and the generous gift of forgiveness given to me only by asking.

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