Major Events in The World.

Over the centuries many things have happened Some good most bad. If you could turn back the clock of centuries what event would you have liked to have been present at? For me, it would have been on Apollo 11 July 1969.  The year the species known as Homosapien set foot on the Moon for the very first time. We came in peace for all Mankind...

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  1. papajeff

    On the other hand, perhaps not. I agree this is super kewl, just what, pray tell was your evidence for claim? LOL. History shrouded in misinformation, now we require such a problematical proof wherein even the Proof is subject. Oft we here that Things are so many thousands of years yet not the way folks thought it so. How was the Site processed? Did we use previously unsubstantiated Theory? Where is the Beef?

  2. roseinbloom

    Papajeff, what is kewl? I don’t see an argument here.
    I would like to have strolled with Socrates and other ancient Greeks and discussed what was ultimate truth.