Looking back. A different perspective on minor events.

Looking back, two seemingly insignificant events appear to have shaped the course of my life.

The first seemingly insignificant event happened in September 1972 when I was late for class. When I was 13, in 1972, I started high school (or upper school as we called it). The school rejoiced under the name of Bolling Girls' School and by today's standards was relatively small for a high school with around 400 pupils. On my first day there, I got lost. The building was confusing and I couldn't find the classroom I had been assigned to. When I finally found where I was supposed to be, all the other girls in the class were already there and I was forced to sit at a desk that obviously no one else wanted - right at the front of the class near the teacher's desk. In the scheme of things, getting lost and arriving late on my first day was embarrassing but not especially important, one would think, but it took on great significance in retrospect.

The second seemingly insignificant event happened 30 years later in 2002 when I watched a TV show. One weekend, I happened to watch a show called "Homefront". It was a lifestyle show about gardens and interior design and featured high end and often avant garde designs. I watched a TV show. How could that possibly be momentous? But again, looking back, it was to take on a special significance.

So, how did these events shape my future?

Getting lost as a 13 year old and having to sit at the last free desk, meant I ended up sitting next to a girl called Janet, who became my closest school friend. Janet was a regular church goer and eventually her enthusiasm rubbed off on me and I started attending church too. It was at that same church that I later met and then married my husband (sadly, he died in 2003), where my three children were baptized, and where as a young family we remained part of the church community.

Watching a TV show about design, and being fascinated by it, led me to join a Yahoo Group online, where the show, and interior design in general, was being discussed. In that online Group, I met a woman from the USA, called Shirley, who became my best friend. Ever since 2002 we've stayed in touch online, taken holidays together in the UK and USA, stood by each other through some difficult times and now in retirement we're here in Costa Rica together.

I often wonder, had I not got lost and been late that day in 1972, would I have still been friends with Janet and started going to church. Would I have met my husband? Would my three children have been born? I wonder also how different things would be now if I'd not watched that TV show in 2002. What course would my life have taken were it not for those seemingly insignificant events?

I'd love to hear what your take on this is. Do you have events like this that at the time were insignificant but, looking back, seem pivotal?

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7 thoughts on “Looking back. A different perspective on minor events.

  1. roseinbloom

    Bethc, your blog is very interesting and makes me think of those pivotal happenings in my life. First. I would like to say that you remind me that our lives can change in an instant, so we need to seek opportunities and not lose hope.
    I will have to think of pivotal happenings in my life for a while.

  2. roseinbloom

    Bethc, you changed your life by joining a website and I joined this website and it changed my life. I learned there were many nice sensible, good people in the world and my faith in humankind was restored enough for me to begin to function again and eventually started dating and found a life companion.
    I hadd had a lot of loss and some of them from illness and death but others from betrayals.

    1. LoneRogue

      Isn’t it more what you have made out of the events that is why, you feel, they are significant? You likely would have met this person elsewhere in a small school at some point or another. It may well have been significant that it happened just as you describe, however I wonder if the results would have been the same had you met this person in the library, at a sport event or walking home from school.

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