The Longest Joke I have ever played.

Some time ago I fitted a new loo seat at home. One of the ones that you just start and they close on their own. When I finished fitting it I casually said to the wife Mustn't push it down to close it its delicate and will break just to stop all who live our little house (5 + Visitors)  from being rough with it. Next Day there was a hand written sign above it warning everyone they must let it close on its own steam. Week later there was a proper typed sign with a picture and Titled "By Order" Be Nice to the Seat. I found this really funny, but eventually ended up rolling around on the floor when my daughter and wife said they had literally had accidents standing there waiting for the seat to go down when they were desperate for a wee. in total I was in hysteric's for about 2 months. I finally owned up told them it didn't matter if they closed it anyway they liked. Didn't get a single dinner for a whole week. But it was worth it. xx

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  1. starlette

    Haaaaa good one, I can relate to those seats…..I have one……..but now it has decided to close only half way down under its own steam……..the rest of the way it demands manual assistance………so you would be crossing your legs for ever waiting for it to close on its own…..

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