‘Long In The Tooth’

‘Long in the tooth’, is a term that I have heard a lot as a child, I do have to admit I have not heard it lately, but growing up if you were in the same room and over-heard an adult conversation a child was never allowed to interrupt their conversations for an explanation, so I was never privy to its meaning, nor did we have google or encyclopedias.  So,when I heard someone refer to another person as, ‘long in the tooth’, I truly saw them in my mind as having a long tooth hanging out of their mouth. Scary look, I thought.

Well for some odd-ball reason that term popped up in my head this morning, so I looked the term up, and what I found out was that aging horses’ gums recede back making their teeth look longer. My parents would have lived during the time when horses were used in everyday life when there was a lot of horse-trading and auctions. The horse dealers would have investigated the age of the horse by opening the horse’s mouth and looking at its gums to see how much the gums had receded back.

Now that I am older with gums that slightly recede back, which my dentist has assured me is typical with age, I somehow feel I have reached the ‘long tooth’ stage of life. Not worth trading or auctioning but still have some wild oats to chew yet. I also noticed growing up that older people seemed to have their teeth soaking in a glass of water somewhere, either in a restroom or next to their beds. Instilling another fear that I would lose my teeth to a glass of water, so with that thought looming in my mind, I am off to brush and floss my, ‘long tooth’. 

Mary 4/12/20

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  1. My dentist dentist identified that I was entering the long tooth stage. She has prescribed high fluoride content toothpaste to protect the exposed teeth. Wonderful NHS – free toothpaste!

  2. My front teeth are wearing out along with the rest of me. Their getting very thin and my dentist is keen for me to get them crowned. I’m a skinflint though and recon they’ll see me through ! 😆

    1. Your teeth are very important. This writing was meant to be light-hearted , but I take my teeth very seriously. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

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