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Yesterday, I had to go to work which is closed off to the public traffic, but still the public, and I handle the same paperwork as the customers which of course using all the precautions.  But I found it was more exciting to enter back into the world yesterday, my limited world, but nice to see it again. I saw others from a distance, but it was not like before the virus because strange smiles I always took for granted.  Yes, sure, I repaid the smile and may have even nodded and quickly moved on, but yesterday I seemed to savor each moment and somehow feel the stranger did as well because now it was as if we were sharing smiles of hope. It was as if the smile was conveying, it’s all going to be alright. The sun was shining, a cool breeze was blowing, and a smile from a person I did not know, I could not help but think how wonderful life is to be able to enjoy the simple things like a smile. Getting out and back into life was a gift! As I was driving home yesterday, I drove a bit slower as to not rush the beauty of the moment in this new day of life.   

Take care and stay safe.

Mary 4/17/20

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