I like to learn for fun. . . 

A degree is expensive and carries many expectations. I've slogged through downpours, paid babysitters, and nearly failed exams, all in my quest to complete my degree. I finally gave up the traditional methods, and discovered a freebie that suits me much better.

Free online learning.  Ivy league American universities like Princeton and Yale offer courses that I wouldn't have bothered to look at before. I've also researched Britiain's FutureLearn. I like learning. I may not have the paper, but having knowledge is very powerful, and may open new doors.

Anyone else on this page?

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  1. len1932

    College degrees are good in a sense, I have two and glad I did get them. However, my father born in 1906 lived on a farm and his 4 sisters all went to Teachers College. He in the depression had to quit school in the 10th grade to help on the farm. He married my mom in 1930 and I was born in 1930. They were so poor dad traded his Ford model T even up for a bicycle as could not buy gas. He went on through life and in real estate he made millions and had to help support his 4 sisters in late life. Mom lived 14 years longer than dad and when she died each of us 4 kids got over $100,000 left from dads savings. Yes go to college but if you do not, life can still treat you well. Remember to serve and honor the Lord. Even during the depression I recall dad giving an offering in church eavy week. My brother and I needed shoes but dad cut cardboard liners for our shoes as the Lord was more important to our family.

      1. roseinbloom

        len1932, back in the day, very few opportunities existed for women. A college degree could get them a job as a teacher, nurse or bookkeeper and they were low paid in those fields.Most women were not allowed to work after marriage or after having children.
        Today there are exceptions, but it is hard for a person without an education to compete in the economy. There are exceptions, but most people do better with a good education.

        1. len1932

          After 22 years in the Air Force I retired and went to college for 4 years. In meantime from 1973 to 1983 I opened 5 business with 17 employees, bought 2 houses, and rented out my farm . In 1983 sold everything and went back to the farm and have been there ever since, Have been in the Wholesale Fishing Tackle for 47 years and retiring from it soon. At 85 years young, think I might just semi retire

  2. jessamyne

    Good for you, Mrs. K! I also love to learn. I have two college degrees, but also believe in being self-taught, and continuing education online. I’ve even learned a lot from this site, especially playing the Fun Trivia games! And I finally figured out how to post videos in the Music Group (although not without some cursing involved).

    I believe learning keeps us young and enthusiastic. Keep up the great work!

  3. roseinbloom

    Ms. K. I have always been a reader and a learner. I have studied in many areas and gotten formal credentials. I have college and advanced degrees. I studied real estate and law. I got a license and a paralegal certification.I studied food science and restaurant management. I have gone to many enrichment courses. Here in the USA, most state universities allow seniors to audit courses. If you want formal credentials, you must pay. I like to learn from people at this phase of my life and I study everything that crosses my mind on the computer or in books.
    I like knowing a lot. There is always a lot more to know and we need to constantly learn just to be somewhat current.

  4. vonMichael

    Hello Ms K.

    neary every politician here in Germany has a degree in a special field ( mostly which
    opened doors ) here in Germany.

    What does it mean for us the citizen / and or voters?? It means: to receive academic lies
    instead of everyday thinking from average citizen.

    I would like to suggest that answers or statements of politicians should be graduated from
    very true, just true to implausible.

    1. roseinbloom

      von michael, politicians should not be used to gauge the value of education. Politicians are trained in the art of rhetoric and persuasion which comes from a natural talent and an education.
      When you go to school, you are taught and trained, so hopefully you loose a lot of false or ignorant assumptions. I know that I did, but sometimes, there is faulty research that common sense would know was false. There is also knowledge that is biased to serve a selfish or public purpose.
      Learning is needed to separate the true from the false.

      1. vonMichael

        Good Morning Rose;

        I would like this one on Mr. Trump; ** Learning is needed to separate the true from the false. ***
        I know what is true; he is false!! Regards Michael

        1. roseinbloom

          Good evening Michael or Good morning Michael. Which is true or false. Learning is needed. We have to have education before we know what is taught and of what use can be made of it. I can bake a cake and I know what is in cakes. I have made many different kinds and yet there are cakes that are different. I may not know how to bake the same cake as you do but I can comprehend enough about your kind of cake that I am confident that I can listen and learn.
          the French make a boiled dough cake and I love an Italian yeast bread cake. My life is so much more fun by enjoying thoughts from so many places and times. I used cakes as a good example. I grew up with one kind of cake. I did not want to live my life with one kind of cake. I did not want to live my life with one school of thought.

          1. vonMichael

            Hello Rose,
            would you agree on that? Humans learn their lifetime, from the first moments of breastfeeding till the last breath of air.

            Learning is an all time job for us with no matter where , no matter what. All w do is just learning.
            Enjoy relaxing days, Michael

  5. Ms. K. Post author

    Hi everyone. Just to be clear, I believe in formal education! I made sure both my daughters graduated from university so that their lifes would be easier than mine. I operate on the plan theory.
    If plan A doesn’t work, try B, then C. . .until you find what works for you.
    I study constantly to improve my craft because thak God, the information is out there.
    Oops, that’s a play on Agent Mulder’s line – the truth is out there!

  6. len1932

    I have a younger brother that has two sons. They are professional students and never married. One works in a Museum after years of college. The other went to Russia to teach English in a college . At times they have lived in a group of Hippies Too much education I believe can kill you and limit your life

  7. len1932

    I know a beautiful young lady I call Sunshine who goes to our church. She is 27 and just finished advance degrees in college. Now is going to work for the first time. She does not have a boy friend and I asked her if she was dating a doctor or lawyer? Husbands like to think they are more educated than their wife

  8. Ms. K. Post author

    Len, don’t take this the wrong way….but a lot of wives are more educated than their husbands, and it’s ok! lol. Maybe it was that way many years ago, but not now.
    I think it’s what you do with your life, and how both of you work together in your marriage that counts.

  9. Abhilaaj

    I love your spirit and aspirations Ms.K
    I did my basic Science graduation in chemistry at 20 and took a job thereafter.
    I completed two Masters–in Hindi and English– plus a diploma in Journalism
    a certificate course in photography and a dip in Advertising and marketing
    by attending University lectures during evening hours- from 7 to 10 spread over about 8/9 years at a stretch.
    Just because I was interested in art, poetry and literature.