Let’s talk blankets!

I love blankets. Seriously, it's an obsession to the point where I have a closet dedicated to blankets! I can't help it! Sometimes, you want a fleecy throw, or several thinner ones, or a decadently feathered hug, right? So, what's your blanket style? And, if you share a bed with a companion, do you share -or, do you wrap up in your own? *Raising my hand, staring guiltily at the ground*

I don't share! However, I let my kids come over and "steal" one of Mom's incredibly soft blankets. That's ok, 'cause then I have an excuse. . .

to buy another one! heeeheeee!


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  1. roseinbloom

    Mrs. K. I love this blog and it gives me a chance to talk about blankets which is a subject close to my heart. I have little temperature tolerance. I get too cold with the ACM and I get cold in the winter.I have electric blankets and electric throws and plain throws, which are small blankets. I have been this way for many, many years, so I have acquired clothing, blankets and a heating pad. I have central heat and air, thank heaven for that. Too complicate the issue, I still get hot flashes.
    With all my adjustments and blankets, I have the heat issue under control.
    Mrs. K. Are you in a cold climate? We have to keep a lot of blankets in case the storms knock out the power. Blankets are like a hug when you need it most.

  2. starlette

    Hello Mrs K, I have an assortment of throws, velvets, furs, fleece wool……not for warmth more for décor……I like to change things around a bit…….I am an out and out bed snob…….feather and Down mattress topper, sheepskin electric blanket, Down duvet, fleece bed sets on in the Winter, Cotton in the summer…….sharing the throws no problem………….my bed………never…lol….

  3. Ms. K. Post author

    Hi Star And Rose. I live in Pennsylvania, so we get some pretty cold winters. Last year I gave both my daughters blankets for Christmas along with stockings. Yes, I know they’re too old, but actually. . . no one’s too old for a Noel stocking, right. Back on topic -Star, I love your variety. I found an old boy Scout sleeping bag at a rummage sale this fall. A nice clean at the laundry mat, and I’m ready to toast marshmallows and read a good book!
    Rose, you poor thing! Thank God for electric blankets and such, yes?

  4. Ms. K. Post author

    Blanket Update:
    I tried to share my fabulous down, batik-printed quilt with my husband. If we successfully survived this one-ness test, then we’d move on to the big dogs -namely my insanely comfortable, shabby-chic floral quilt or my red velvet quilt -both acquisitions from a employee sale at Calico Corners (but, that’s another story).
    We failed!
    The man snores. Heavily, like the midnight train to Georgia on steroids. Every time his water buffalo call awakened me, I gritted my teeth and prayed that the Sandman would leave deep sea ear plugs under my pillow.
    He’s a friggin’ blanket hog!
    All night long, I’d awaken because my knees or back were cold, achy and uncovered. As my sleep-deprived fingers groped for blanket closure, he’d yank it away (in his sleep, or some I’m told) – leaving me to yank a sweater over my head, and a throw over my legs.
    He took that, too.
    So, last night, he kept his own blankets, and I kept mine.
    Yeah, I had sweet dreams.

  5. jessamyne

    Even when the weather is warm, I cannot relax for a nap or sleep unless cuddling my favorite blanket.

    I bought a new one on sale recently. My cat, Lily, immediately claimed it for her own. She lovingly kneads it to death, and snuggles into it. It’s already covered with fuzzies from her claws, but what the heck. She has her blanket and I have mine!

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Lol, you’ve discovered my secret! I’m a fair-to-middling poet, Abhilaaj. My poetic rhythm is more evident in my writing, which oftentimes has a lyrical quality. My husband and I have a first book being released this winter, as soon as we finish these last edits. It’s a romantic/comedy/adventure.

  6. Abhilaaj

    Yes I did see the rhythm, rhyme and metaphors in your prose-
    the harbingers of poetic talent- best wishes to you both.
    Is he here at SC?

    1. Ms. K. Post author

      Thank you for your compliment, Abhilaaj. No, he’s not a member. He knows I am, but we don’t always share the same interests. We happen to write well together.

      1. Abhilaaj

        Great..wish you both luck for the forthcoming – though different kind of- child. haha-
        Literature and art can make even a man experience the pleasure of motherhood..
        That’s why fine arts are called creative. And it can make us immortal.

  7. CSweet51

    I have to say quilts are my favorite. I do have a down comforter that I love but it is never that cold in my apt to use it!! I could turn the heat off for a night in the winter and try it out…
    I have fleece throw I use while in my recliner in the living room. The cat loves to snuggle with me in one of those.
    But I have to stick with quilts.