Just Another Summer Day In Bullhead City

Yesterday, Chico and I were out for 4-5 hours. The temperature got up to 113, so of course as always the air is blasting at 60 degrees. A little line of sun must have come through the vertical blinds on the sliding glass doors while we were out. Enough sun for long enough in line of sight to fry a few pieces of Chico's rawhide dental treat he left on the floor. It melted.

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  1. debraj Post author

    So, you write a blog, site reviews it and “corrects” it, even adding and taking away words. I don’t like this. I wrote it how I wanted it, errors and all. I never used the word fry……ah well, won’t sweat the small stuff. 🙂

  2. debraj Post author

    Hi Rose,
    Bullhead City Arizona. Bullhead City borders the Colorado River. On the other side of the river…….Laughlin, Nevada.
    I’m a travel nurse currently working in Kingman, Arizona. The place I will be staying in Kingman doesn’t come available until the first of July. Bullhead City is 35 miles from Kingman. Big difference in temperature though because of elevation. Today it will be 85 in Kingman, but 100+ in Bullhead City. The monsoon season has started, so praying for rain.