Jaws…duh dum…duh…dum

I watch Jaws a lot - every other day for several reasons:

1.I don't have air conditioning, so I vicariously cool down by focusing on the ocean. I manage to ignore the shark pretty much.

2.It's fun to watch Men At Work! They're all such different characters, it's nice to see good male acting.

3. I never went to a clam bake, but the opening few minutes always remind me of carefree college days, doing nothing but crushing on cute guys.

4. And, then there's the sea - and lots of it.

Does anyone else have strange reasons for watching movies? Lol

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  1. starlette

    Hello Mrs k……..I don’t watch many films but have just been trying to analysis why odd ones are my favourites………..totally not my type of film but Zulu and Towering Inferno spring to mind, I think it must be the comradeship and battling on against all odds that fascinates me……….Mama Mia, just for the scenery and sheer liveliness of it, I hasten to add not some of the singing in it lol……..Shirley Valentine, just the escapism, how many of us at times haven’t wanted to do that…….The Full Monty, funny but poignant………Brassed Off….again funny and poignant……….and some of the Doris Day movies depicting perfect but unrealistic family life…….

  2. davidrv

    I watch Sanford and Son. I work shifts and when I work evening shifts I have to go to bed even if I’m not sleepy. So I would watch YouTube on my BlackBerry Playbook. And sometimes not sleep much.
    But once I started to watch Sanford and Son. I couldn’t stay awake to watch the full 23 or 24 minute episode. It took me 5 attempts ( 5 days) to finally watch the end of the episode.
    So today I have my Playbook beside my alarm clock. It’s ready for an episode, so I just touch the screen and I don’t even look at it anymore; I just roll over til I’m comfortable and fall asleep withing minutes.

  3. LucyP

    I am a compulsive watcher of the The Blues Brothers, the only movie I firmly believe has it all; Action, Comedy, Music and Dance, Shoot Outs, Car Chases..the list goes on. What more could anyone ask for?

  4. Ms. K. Post author

    @Star…I love Shirley Valentine!!
    I started watching old game shows like Tattletales and Match game. Silly and fun.

    1. missyu

      I bought Pretty Woman when it was first released on DVD, and I won’t even tell you how many times I have watched it…lol But I like it a whole bunch……. it was the first ‘live happily ever after’ movie in a long time, no monsters, no stalkers, no war, no high speed car chase, no outer space ship with little green men or robots, just boy meets girl…..and they live happily after…
      perfect or what? hahahaha

      1. Ms. K. Post author

        Hey Miss, I completely agree. The HEA -happily ever after movies are a so sweet, and thankfully free of that other stuff. Yesterday, I resolved to bring my ipad to work and plug in the ear phones after having to listen to my boss’s horror movie!!! Ugh.

        1. missyu

          hahahaha Ms. K. I think that is the best use for an
          iPad… don’t forget your ear phones…but it seems horror movies have louder sound than any other movies, and worse yet it’s not even nice sound. I thought maybe the spacey stuff would run it’s course, and then there would only re-runs. But no such luck they are gonna make new ones forever. hahahaha… I hope you are doing well. it was nice to hear from you!!!

  5. Ms. K. Post author

    Nice talking to you, too, Miss. I still forgot to buy ear bugs, but I think I have some . . .now, where did I put them? lol