it is with regret we announce the sad passing of Joyce

It is with much sadness we regret to inform all the chatters that knew Joyce , a wonderful artist , and a much loved chatter from Florida U.S.A. has passed ,

I am sure we will miss her and her wonderful art work.

She was very much liked among her peers.

Rest in peace dear Joyce , it was a pleasure to be among one of her many friends here at Senior Chatters...

Our deepest sympathy is sent to her family and friends and to those who

enjoyed her company.....LANI .....

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    1. lani36 Post author

      Yes Johnny , we have lost not only a dear friend but an artist as well that painted beautiful pictures of Animals mostly, she painted a few for some chatter fiends and i am sure will be sadly missed….

  1. patrickr1950

    One of Joyce’s paintings, of a young boy, was a masterpiece. The boy was alive in her painting, and you could feel his life. She was not just someone who did digital paintings, but a true artist with a remarkable insight into her subjects. Joyce could sometimes be pretty abrupt in online conversation. I am not sure if it was her personality or her arthritic pain, or perhaps both. I used to talk a lot with her, and what I found remarkable was the combination of a strong personality and a deep sensitive insight, a rare combination, and one that perhaps made her the remarkable artist she was. She was very kind in helping me select a digital art program and a drawing pad. I had done portraits with pastels in the past and I liked the idea of transitioning to a digital medium which would be a lost less messy. i will miss her. I am glad I so glad I saved some of her paintings.