Is Anybody There?

I have been trying to send messages - I have written messages address to Rob - I have explained that I am continually dropping off when send a message of any sort
- instead I get the dreaded This site is not responding - do you wish to reconnect - I have actually managed to get this one through - I hope.
Is this something unique to me? - it doesn't happen on other sites -e I actually sink!

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  1. Faye

    I think it may be happening to many of us Drummer. I write mine first the copy and paste to message centre and send. It is easier as it freezes about 40 seconds into being there…everywhere else is fine, only when trying to send messages…:-(

  2. Sansoar

    I have been having difficulty too. My connection with SC is very slow and I am not sure sometimes if a posting is going through- I go back into a group to check. Some other features aren’t working for me either ( hovering over a picture to see a profile). I guess I should report through the Help option??

    Thanks, Drummer… I was thinking it was my internet server problem, but maybe not.

  3. grandmaj

    I used to have my senior chatters saved to desktop, I kept having problems. I changed browsers , used to use chrome, now use , internet explorer and just type in senior chatters uk fresh everytime, then I don’t have a problem with freezing etc, I don’t know if its a coincidence or not but works well now.

  4. Faye

    Sorry folks…wish we knew how to do a fix without Robs input but impossible. Im sure he will be on site as soon as he possibly can and maybe it will get sorted one way or the other.

  5. PamfromTX

    Have problems… but, I just give up posting like I use to. 😆 I’m going to call the computer guy to come check both the laptop and the desktop. I don’t know why my replies show up twice or more. And pics are not uploading. They show up as a little X . 😀

    1. Drummer Post author

      Hi Pam
      I think there has been a good deal of trouble with technics – this is the first time I have managed a response also – so maybe hold back on Computer tech to see what happens this week-end -apart from the election of Mr Trump. Must say he went up in my estimation with the way he greeted
      Hilary and some of the marching bands brought joy to me heart!
      Kind regards drummer

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