internet problems

Once again my internet server is down, our main telco elstra is in a state of disrepair, they sent me a new gateway, this too refused to connect, they tried for 3 hours at tech support, they have now decided to send out to me another tech suppot person , to try and locate the problens to do with the telephone lines.. a completely inadequate telco.... this server is our major telco, they have cut back staff so thinly, contracting out overseas call centres that speak little english, they have cut staff of technicians to an absolute minimum, so that one has to wait weeks, for any type of repairs.. god help australia cause nothing will save our prime minister, who only cares about big companies and shareholders, he used to be the minister for communications. So unfortunately I cannott acess e.mails. or enter the chatters site succesfully until these services are repaired, lookingcforward to rejoing thecrest of thecwestern world onlinecas soon as thevtelstra company can repair there services, 3rd.worldcountry services these days...

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  1. teddyted1

    Lanl I can believe you when you say about bandbroad crashing. I have to wait for the new phone line it will before 17th Nov now I have to wait for all my email system and banking done. Two weeks all I did was move a mile to my new flat. It is really hard to work on a mobile, I think I while wait till the new lone, can’t be doing to text in a mobile phone it takes forever. How ppl cope with iPads beats me. Best of the luck with your PC line on again. I have spent it countless ppl who say they come on time yea right, waiting is like waiting for god.
    Take care lani lots of luck. By for now TED

    1. roseinbloom

      Teddyted, When I moved it took two years to get internet in all the rooms where I wanted it. I have not had a single problem for about a year now. I did move the moden upstairs before I got good enough speed to get internet during the busy times. I think the companies are just not willing to do the work it takes.

    2. lani36 Post author

      Thank You Teddy , yes it’s been anightmare , been up to 25 dropouts daily , the technician finally arived this mowning, with a new router, new wiring to the point, the exchange has had a refurbishment and back online againafter 7 days .so all’s well that ends well I hope .lolxx

  2. sylvestercat

    Hi Lani,sorry to hear of your problem and its sad state of affairs.Maybe you should think of going to another provider and check their coverage for both phone and broadband and then go wireless and not depend on underground lines.Hope its resolved quickly for you,best wishes.

    1. lani36 Post author

      Thank you Sylvester , it has beena nightmare for weeks, with all the dropouts etc, then it went off alltogether, a technician came to the house this morning,new router, new wires to the poit, theexchange has had a refurbushment,he sia dall is repaired now and should be ok , one hopes ?

  3. Faye

    Lani move over here! haha! We dont have problems with our providers and we have quite a few to chose from as well. I still go under Telstra here as well even though it has now been sold to Vodafone and I promise you, have never had a problem anywhere……LOL

    1. lani36 Post author

      looking to come over to a civilised place , hahaha Faye , 3rd. world country Australia is becomin,g a banana republic soon . finally repaired after 7 days this morning , new wires, new router, exchange has been refurbished so they say,
      shouldn’t have any more problems he quoted lol keeping the fingers and the legs and the eyes crossed ….xxx

  4. lani36 Post author

    You will have to teach me smoke signals cappy, hahah all’s repaired once again after 7 days waiting . new modem new wiring , exchange was repaired and speed updated so here’s hoping it will last this time .xx

  5. lani36 Post author

    ok good news back online again,they had to repair something at the exchange again ….new modem etc: now though,i guess that should help now ….xxx