Imagine The Future.

The year is 2256 AD. Thanks to advances in science people can live to an average age of 130 years old without the side effects of old age. We will be able to run with our Dogs over the fields and down through the woods. We can play sports football maybe for a full game. at night we can go clubbing and dance to the small hours. Sleep hardly any at all we really won't need it. Meals will be just popping a pill or two. Our families will be huge with several generations of us. Now for the big question people. Do we really want to live and be so active for that length of time? My mother passed recently at the age of 92 and for the last five years, she has reminded me constantly that she was tired of life and just wanted to slip away in her sleep which is exactly what happened. Should science keep working to extend our lives I think maybe not. 

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  1. happysailor1

    Slimjim, drummer
    Like your Mom Slim, I too am slowly getting my fill. I firmly believe that every single person’s life can be seen as a circle. The beginning, ( Alpha ) Birth. then comes the act of living, working providing, defending on and on creating a curving course. The body, once strong, and resilient, wears down slowly. Your mind also changes gears. Its the nature of things. Could a pill change this? Many have tried the chemicals to better themselves and as I read the papers and see on the streets, the resulting effects are not what was desired. Or maybe an organ transplant? In some cases, this is wonderful and beautiful. But at what cost.
    Getting older is a right and an honor. Nature, one way or another will bring this circle to its closure, the ( Omega ). Thereby making room for the next circle to begin. Like drummer writes, for me? no, thank you.

  2. Scorpio

    Do not go gentle into that good night
    Old age should burn and rage at close of day
    Rage , rage against the dying of the light.

    This is the first verse of one of my favourite poems written by Dylan Thomas. I think it expresses my thoughts on death far far better than I ever could.

  3. starlette

    Hi Jim…..well I differ a little here from other opinions……if as you say we are not burdened with the ailments of old age then I will be happy to continue living…….as for the brain aging that’s a different matter…….would I be happy with some of the changes taking place in society, I am not so happy seeing that happen now so I doubt it….of course there would be huge problems with the world being over populated, so life does have a cycle and so it shall remain…….I have known people in the past who have felt they have lived long enough and were ready to go……but they were not still active enough to get the best from life…..quality of life over quantity it has to be….