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If I Had My Life to Live Over Again

In today’s world everything is done at lightening speed.  We spend so much time working and trying to provide for our families that sometimes the really important stuff gets lost along the way.  It’s not often we fully allow ourselves to pause and actually live in the moment let alone reflect on life.  All too often time passes so quickly that one day we wake up and ponder things we may have done differently.

The question of, “If I Had My Life to Live Over Again What Would I Do Differently?” was asked to the Senior Chatters community.  Thanks to all those members who replied to this month’s question.  Lot’s of really interesting answers which are shared below.

Please have a read and make sure your leave  a comment with your thoughts below…





Interesting,  I can’t change my ex husband as I wouldn’t have my beautiful kids. But maybe I would have divorced him sooner instead of sticking it out for 36 years.  We get on better now than when we were married but live 200 miles apart.  I always wanted to be a nurse but wasn’t encouraged to do so by my mother and father. Instead left school and got a job in an office learning all the aspects of bought ledger!  So I wish I had stuck up for myself and become a nurse. I eventually worked in a doctor’s as a medical secretary and also turned my hand to phlebotomy so I got a little taste of nursing. I think instead of us upgrading to a bigger house which we did not need, I wished we had bought a holiday home in Spain or Italy. I am happy now and living by the sea with a dog and also my gorgeous grandson lives with me and attending college.

If I could change my life again, I don’t think I would change anything.  You plot your own course.  So from being born life is in your hands.  For better or worse.  Hope I haven’t offended anyone, just my thoughts.

Interesting question. I could be positive or negative depending on how I feel. Here goes. Save my money. Be careful who you trust. (2 marriages). Value good health.

I think I would have liked to marry my second serious girlfriend.  The first one was the envy of many men and too hot.  I’m sure she would be running around on me all the time.


In the context of occupations, I think I would have changed mine from the heavy dirty engineering (fitting) work to the more home adaptable electrical and electronic engineering.  I think the latter lends itself to being used more in the home and also as a sideline for extra income.  As for married life, and kids – no change…

This sort of question makes you truly look back! I know now that my fear of the unknown (and of looking a fool) meant I missed out on a lot of things. If I could start again I would face those fears and embrace life.


I got married right out of high school and was married 33 years and have two wonderful children.  My husband passed away in 93 at 52 and I have never dated anyone since then.  I guess now looking back I should have found someone to spend the rest of my life with, but now at 75 I think I am very happy with my life.

I would not have taken abuse from my first husband for 9 years, before becoming strong enough to divorce him. We are all worth more than that , even the other way around , some men are abused too.


If I lived my life again I would definitely change a few things.  These things would be how I handled certain situations. I left England to go to Spain at 24.  I married at 25, completely in love.  My husband turned out to be a possessive dictator.  I stayed with him for 20 years – I would change that.  The rest of my life has been has been an economical struggle, it has been fun, it has taught me to fend for myself.  I have learned two languages.  I have met some interesting people.  I have worked in interesting places.  I have two wonderful children.  I am translating a book for an artist friend, just to help out and keep me busy, no pay.  My suitcase is filled with interesting memories.  So, as I mentioned before, I would handle a few things a little differently.

I think i would have cared more for my parents I was carer 2 both since i was 12 yrs old but didntdo as much as i feel i should have looking back both died youngand had not much of a life apart for their love 4 each other which led me in2 nursinglooking back we trìed to live life as beßt we coulď that was mèant as (best) i thank Ģod 4 every day i have

Not much- I lived my life my way because who I am – I think I would have to change me. I would have liked to speak a language other than english fluently and play a musical instrument- but tried and it didn’t take.


i can think of things I would change, and things I wouldn’t. I know that if I did change anything, I wouldn’t be the same persons I am today. I’m pretty happy being that person, so I’d elect to leave the past as is.

if I could live my life again I would put more money into my 401k. Other than that my life was great. Gained a lot of knowledge, helped a lot of people.


I would spend more time serving the Lord. He has blessed me so much here on the farm and all through my life. Today I lack for nothing and have a great second wife to help. I know well the Lord who gives us things can also take away


Absolutely nothing!


I Would like to have travelled like the younger one do today. Otherwise hindsight is a wonderful thing, lol,there are a few things I should not have done, but hey, they have made me the person I am today, contented.


I would of never taken up smoking; I would look after my health more plus lead a healthier lifestyle; made appointments with the dentist for regular check-ups; never got married; not have had children, just worked for me to become wealthy; travel more see the world, experience different cultures, look good, lose weight, be successful, do not live in the past. Learn from every experience as lessons learn them and move on, try not to make many mistakes learn from them.

I would stop being like Maggie out of Hobsons Choice thinking if l loved a person enough and try to be perfect for them I would be loved in return…


I hate every moment of my now life and most of it it since about 2000 when my wives care needs became so demanding and total but what could i do to change it all i would have changed is her not being ill and life would have continued to be good, I just miss have life for so long now!


I wouldn’t want to live my life again in to-day’s world and what is ahead. I am comfortable with where I am. Sure, we all do things we regret, but that is just part of life’s learning experiences. I have a wonderful family and I thank God my blessings.

If I were to live my life again I would experience more of the world through travel, I wouldn’t have children then my mind would be free of worrying about them….i would have learnt not to take life so seriously and live in the moment, in my youth i would have decided on a career in art and design and given it my all, but unfortunately the wisdom and knowledge comes with age and experiences, so i would have needed that when young to know what i know now, back to the future, need a rewind…

A few little tweaks here and there but I have had a wonderful life. I would have paid more attention to my wife’s needs, wishes, dreams.


If I had my life again I would not spend a fortune smoking for 20 years and I would have chosen a different career – unfortunately I only found out late in life how much I enjoyed Employment Law and wished I had taken that up as a career. As Twilight above said, wisdom comes with age and experience, so true.

I would not have married the man I did and I would have continued on to nursing school and then if marriage was in my future I would married much later in life. The blessing in all of this I have 3 wonderful children.

I would avoid those ‘mistakes and therefore followed a different path leading to – who knows?

I would have stayed single.


I would have studied home design. Overall I’m OK with the way things turned out, as Starlette said, wisdom comes with age and experience.


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