I See Magical

In my world, I look at life through a filter; yes, a filter of color, that I call fun, as worry free as I can possibly make my life by eliminating clutter. I am truly still a child at heart which I have found that the phrase, ‘child at heart’ is claimed by many, especially if you are over the age of fifty. Fifty is a half-way mark, meaning we are almost through with this marathon, even though I find myself physically dragging at times, it is not time to give up yet, perhaps it is time to start getting in gear because the signs are everywhere on the path saying, not long now.

As a newly emerging senior citizen, I have lived through the responsible part of my life, and now I have my prodigy living her own life as I sit back while seeing my teachings being played out in the love she shares with her own children. I get the joy of her little jewels, as I return to my childhood within their little worlds, when I get into the floor with them and build their little castles of trolls and dragons, while the responsible mother watches overhead assuring them that they will pick up the mess when they have finished playing. Hummm…how many times have I used those same exact words.

So, when I enter the kingdom of ‘Senior Chatters’ which, if you do not know, I have fallen in love with this little magical realm, lol, and all the characters as if I were in a video game of wonder. Each character has a magical quality about them, from the grizzled, teddy bear ‘bless his heart’, to the wizards from the wonderful land of the unknown. I seem to walk a ‘yellow bricked road’ here, much like, the beloved fairy tale world of ‘Oz’ where I have met the golden angels of security, as well as, the sparkling princesses of hearts, ‘not like the off with the head, queen of hearts’ ,but lovely princesses who makes everyone feel welcomed in this make believe world. There are the ogres, which I am sure each of us have met off and on along their journey within this tiny world, that try to steal the oil can and hide it just out of reach just for fun, and that is when the security guards step in and call foul and time out (the responsible ones). I have learned to laugh and cry just as if I were in a real world but lacking the responsibility of the dreary day to day. I hope no one is offended by me sharing my perspective of the colorful world of ‘Senior Chatters’, but I do see it as magical.

Mary 5/9/20

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    1. You are being the devil Pronto because if you’ll look again , the security guard’s name remains anonymous. I thought it was a fun piece. And I was careful to only hint , but then I I only know what information that is available to anyone who enters the site. …but I am tickled you read my writing, now all curious minds would like to know…did you like it?

        1. I am not a gossip columnist, but hey I would love to read some of your stuff. But a gossip column might not be a bad Idea because the check-out counters are full of that trash and probably because it sells. But I’m not selling or trying to change the world, because I’m not that powerful, I can only take from my little pea mind and imagine a world very much full of love…but this is impossible unless we are able to tap into imagination first. Or to believe in powers other than our own.

  1. You, dear person, have a way of putting things. I enjoyed the read. It seems that those needing gossip, betrayal, and mischief, should tune in to CNN and FOX News. There sure is enough to satisfy such lusts.
    Please keep writing I am becoming a fan…

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