I Love Fireflies a.k.a Lightning Bugs

It is spring here in the southern part of the United States. It is still early yet, but every year when the ground gets warmer there is a certain kind of magic that occurs. A small glow, often a yellowish green glow emerges from the ground and lands on the trees or floats effortlessly in the darkness. They are like tiny specks of stars conjured from a dark underworld to enchant all who are fortunate enough to see the beautiful spectacle. As children, we would capture these wonderful lights in a glass mason jar with holes in the lid for air.  They would flash soon after capture, but then the light would slowly fade away. It was as if they knew they were in a glass holding case and would eventually loose the magic. It was not until they were released that the magic of the small glow would return. Here in the southern part of the United States...we refer to these small creatures as lightning bugs as if small clashes of thunder would follow the tiny flashes, but just the opposite. If you were lucky enough to have these small wonders to land on your shoulder, you'd never know their presence, until they decided to fly away. Angels are the same way. 


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    1. Angels land there to comfort you, but because they are silent, like the lightning bugs are noticed only when fly away. I believe in angels.

  1. Rose you are so right. We used to play outside all day and into the evening time , it was a fun time for us. We were not afraid of danger, because we did not hear of any danger. We’d catch lightning bugs ,and the bats used to swoop down at our shrills of laughter. Then we’d all lay down in the cool grass in the summertime where the smell of jasmine and honeysuckle would fill the night air. We would look up at the stars for hours and dream of our future lives.
    Thank you Rose for reading. I hope others chose to write of their childhood adventures. Perhaps you Rose.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog, 1099. Beautifully written. Reminded me of when I was a child when I would get so fascinated with lightning bugs. Thanks for sharing.

        1. oh yes…it is like Christmas lights that hover around and fly away. I drive home through a low area of the woods…and in the spring evenings the woods are laced with lights. Beautiful site. I hope you get the opportunity to ever visit the south of states to see these beautiful insects. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Such a lovely blog. I thank you for bringing back youthful summer memories of warm nights and never wanting to come inside because in my young mind the lighting bugs still provided light. It also reminds me of late night bbq’s of chicken, spare ribs, cole slaw, potato salad, cold lemonade, ice cream and toasted marshmallows. I’m right back in time!

    1. Oh Lo, you are so right! Warm evenings where we’d run barefooted on the cool grass and the cooling but yet still warm asphalt in pursuit of bugs with mason jar in hand. Yes, we never wanted to go inside in the evenings either, not because of the minuscule light given off by the bugs, but because it meant we had to take a bath. After a day of sweating and collecting hardened crust between our toes from running barefoot all day, to wash all that hard work away always seemed a waste to us….lol . Thank you Lo for reading and many more thanks for commenting.

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