Do humans love dogs more than fellow man

Humans love dogs more than their fellow man?

Two major studies showed that mankind has more empathy for pooches in dire circumstances than suffering people, according to a report in the Times of London.

A UK medical research charity staged two phony donation campaigns – one with a dog and the other featuring a man. Of course, the pooch drew more contributions.

“Would you give pounds 5 to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?” the separate ads said, featuring a canine and human “Harrison.”

Then a Northeastern University study showed that only a baby human could compete with man’s best friend.

Students were showed fake newspaper clippings about a baseball-bat attack on a puppy, an adult dog, a year-old infant and 30-year-old adult. They were asked questions to gauge their empathy and the adult finished last in sympathy.

“Respondents were significantly less distressed when adult humans were victimized, in comparison with human babies, puppies and adult dogs,” according to Northeastern researchers. “Only relative to the infant victim did the adult dog receive lower scores of empathy.”

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39 thoughts on “Do humans love dogs more than fellow man

  1. starlette

    Hello Lone, no surprise on those results…….. I think that could well be because human babies and the dogs are helpless to fend for themselves, people would empathise with them more…….dogs and babies are innocent and people would feel the need to care and protect them……

  2. roseinbloom

    Some studies can be misinterpreted. Dogs are loving and it is fairly easy to help them. People get themselves into trouble and it is harder to help them. My concern is for humans first because with all their flaws, human are my only companions and share my human situation. I do not have pets, but I know that dogs are very lovable, but I am not quite sure about cats.

  3. roseinbloom

    Maybe if we treated humans like our dogs, we may get the same love back. I knew a man who had five children and I never had seen a bit of talk or affection from him to them. I saw him meet the family dog and he was all over the dog with words and hugs. This is a true story.

  4. Rockflower

    Me too…….no surprize at the study results. I suppose we look at some adult human and we tend to have the response… got yourself into this mess buddy. Of cause that is often a very unfair response, if nothing else, people cannot always help being plain stupid but this judgement affects our response. If the study had used photos of some great natural disaster containing adults, say an earthquake or overwhelming flash flooding, the response may have been a little different because the viewer subconsciously thinks……. that was bad luck they could have done nothing to prevent that. Not logical but we are not always logical. The other point about this is, an animal in misery has usually been put in that state by some human. So perhaps some collective species guilt is working here.
    Yes I am all for animals, no animal that I’m aware of is as calculating cruel and greedy as the human species. Yes animals do kill, never an enjoyable sight but they kill enough to survive and do it as quick as they are able……they don’t prolong suffering for their pleasure. Here is a thought…….we humans on the whole love to watch other life forms, often spend lots of money to go and watch animals……..So far as I understand, animals do not make any efforts to just watch humans? Is this just a reflection of humans as the ultimate prey animal? I do not know.
    I think Roseinbloom…….that all kinds of people who have difficulty forging an easy affectionate relationship with people, often find it easy with an animal, as the dog,cat or whatever is not judgemental. The animal lives in the moment, they will not twist the human emotion to use against that human, the animal does not perceive affection given as weakness and they will always return in kind. Animals respond to the inner human and not the externals that so often confuse us.

    1. roseinbloom

      Rockflower, a cat will toy with a mouse and monkeys tease and assault each other and I am sure that in their own habitat animals are capable of intrigues to gain females or some other desired situation.
      I am of the opinion that we share a lot of DNA with animals so they are capable of lot that we are capable of. Dogs will cater to their master but will ignore or disregard others in the home.

  5. Rockflower

    Rosinbloom, I agree we share a lot with animals that for most of history man has chosen to deny. If anyone said an animal was -feeling- we were quickly told rubbish! by the scientists and keepers of animals. The idea that animals had means of communication with each other was dismissed as fanciful.Not that long ago we were taught that man was the only tool maker, this week I saw film of a fish using a depression a “bowl” in living coral to repeatedly throw a clam in to it to break open the clam. It is only now that scientists are proving how wrong those old beliefs of the “learned” were.
    But all this new knowledge is going to be very uncomfortable for us humans don’t you think?

    True a cat will sometimes play with a mouse,I had forgotten that.On the other hand I have watched many times hunting lions in Kenya. I always felt for the poor creature singled out for the chase but I never saw lions playing with a kill. A big lion compresses the airway of the prey and death is quick. True young lions taking on bigger prey have not the skill to be so efficient. Wild dogs the same they do not have the power to bring a death quickly. How ever I do not believe the wild dogs set out thinking …..we will have such pleasure tearing some animal apart, they are just after dinner to survive. When you get to apes and monkeys, you are getting close to our relatives LOL and they definitely act as we do. Dogs in a home see everyone in the home as the pack and they quickly suss out who is boss, yet in my experience they always respond to someone’s caring affection.
    I was brought up in the country and I loved the farming life but you know now I think I would have a lot of pain rearing , caring for and then having to send animals to slaughter.I am not fanatical about it but I eat very little meat of any kind,if I do get meat on my plate when out I do try not to embarrass my host but I just don’t want it anymore.

    1. roseinbloom

      rockflower, I always enjoy your well written and thoughtful comments. I was brought up in the county and everybody owned some animals and so did we. Like you, I would have trouble raising animals then slaughtering them. Many people that I know are vegetarian due to compassion and environmental reasons. I respect that and am troubled by the killing of animals but humans have DNA and are meat eaters. It is a sad state of affairs.
      Humans are human and their natural companions are other humans unless something overpowering changes that natural inclination. Humans have also had a long association with dogs and I have found myself having a bonding with pet dogs and never forgetting them even after a brief period of time with them.
      As many have said, dogs do nothing but seem to want to love us even though I had my best shoes chewed up and my kitchen totally trashed after leaving a pet alone too long. I have never had my own pet dog and the pet dogs that I lived with, I still love and miss. If I had a pet dog, I could not put it in a kennel, or leave it alone all day while at work. Now hat I know dogs better, dogs find that very sad and therefore I find it cruel and no way to treat something you love. I know many dog lovers do that and will disagree with me.
      Cats are not domesticated and maybe a cat play with a mouse because they are not hungry and cannot understand that the mouse is not wanted.
      I do believe that human behavior needs to be learned and appreciated for what it is and all the other animals are appreciated in the same way. If we have a pet cat, we have to expect the cat to love us as a cat does and not like a dog.
      A dog cannot drive us to the doctor or nurse us when we are sick or help us unravel the mysteries of human existence, therefore humans are my desired companions and a dog may be a lovable pet but they are not a substitute for a human.
      I may have strayed off course here, it is 2 am and I am sleepless. I live in a large city and if I don’t have suitable human companions, I will continue to seek them.
      I like most people as long as they will respect me and my right to have opinions, even if they have an opposite viewpoint. I have had bet friends who were of a different faith, a different political party and different family backgrounds. I guess the only thing we had in common were to love each other as dogs do and just be happy to be together and very non-judemental, and a mutual joy in the shared experience.
      I think that explains it to me and maybe to some of you also.

  6. msval58

    I’m not surprised…dogs are loyal, non judgmental, and give unconditional love, we don’t think of them as just animals, they become a valued member of the family…and when they cross the rainbow bridge, the grief and sense of loss is as real as when we lose a human member. I believe that all the pet owners out there would concur.

        1. roseinbloom

          vonmichael, you are right. Dogs have to be coached and commanded to adapt to a human environment and if it isn’t done, the dogs and humans live in a state of disorder and chaos. My sister’s family were like that; three of the four family members want e dog for a pet and my sister was the main caretaker a and my sister knew totally nothing about indoor dogs and did not like dogs even.
          My sister’s family may be similar to many families and I have seen many families that have a peaceful and happy time with their dogs, but I also know that the dogs are sad all day when left alone.

          1. vonMichael

            Interesting what you say Rose.

            Dogs need human, if not they turn to become agressive if so if
            the dog is not claimed, gets not enough attention by its owner
            many other individual tasks.

            A human can do with the dog what he wants but same that can
            never be done with a cat. Thats impossible.

            Only a dog that is obedient will reach the the point of being
            humans best friend.

            A cat by contrast is far more sensitive than a dog and will only
            stay and share its time with the human. Regards Michael

  7. Rockflower

    Cannot agree with you wholeheartedly von Michael……. Not true for most dog owners. I can agree there are a some inadequate people who do own an animal, dog, horse cat etc in order to have something that they can order about and feel superior to, I know such a person and given a chance he would just love the same power over people. His reputation is, that he is a terrible person to work for and he cannot keep employees. Pity his two dogs who cannot escape. People who work with dogs, certainly the most successful feel themselves and their dog to be a team. My own dogs have few commands but they follow me about anyway trying to understand what I’m up to and wanting to join in. I have had many dogs in my life time usually not less than six at a time, each one had their own distinct personality and it that privilege of knowing an animal that well, that makes me love dogs.My horse riding days are long over but one can have that intense bond with a horse which is wonderful. In fact if we worked at it we could probably bond with many different species……we are also animals although we like to forget it most of the time.

  8. rose1943

    Have had both, cats and dogs, not at the same time. My friend believed we must keep one cat and one dog. The dog to boost our ego and the cat to do the opposite.
    We found our litter of cats to be very warm and loving, maybe being raised with my children living them to pieces.
    My son still has a cat downstairs. I no longer keep pets. Vet bills are extremely expensive now as well as their food, Plus the heartbreak of losing them, I can no longer tolerate. Am I crazy? I think not. Dealt with that since age 5, dogs, cats, parakeets, fish, turtles. No more for me. Nice blog, Lone.
    P.S. I do not like to see dogs dressed in outfits and scarves as in my neighborhood…not to mention boots. I think it’s demeaning.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      I understand the feeling of costs and grief when losing them. It is a hard thing but for me I live so frugally it is one thing I’ll spend on as long as I can. I am not fond of the dressing up of animals. To me they are very dignified and dressing them diminishes that.

  9. rose1943

    Don’t know if anyone ever goes in to read my posts on the Message board. Doesn’t seem that way.
    I posted one today about a tv commercial I saw about a product called the WAG APP. You put it on your cell phone and you can call a dogwalker at anytime of the day with it. They have a special lock to get in and out of your house and get the dog or dogs. Then on your phone you will see a path on a map of where they are walking and finally where they POOP! Then back home. Wow! Any reactions to this?

    1. grandmaj

      My reaction to this Rose, would be, the people should not own a dog if they dont want the responsibility of looking after them as in walking the dogs themselves. If they arent home that much that they have to get someone in their home to come walk them. The dogs must be awful lonely. Just my opinion

  10. vonMichael

    Dogwalkers???? I don’t think say exist here with us in Germany. I saw a picture
    recently showing a jung man with 5 dog all on their own dog lead walking along
    a narrow street with skyscraper on both side.

    Awful, awful, awful that’s all I can say to that scene. Michael

  11. jessamyne

    I reiterate. An animal needs love and trust, like any living creature. To demean pet owners based on a selfish need for control is baseless. My animals have always been my family; as such, I get the respect and love that I show them.

    There are people that treat their pets as toys. And also their children. That is not all of us.

    There is a huge difference between an animal being obedient due to fear, and an animal that loves and trusts you.

  12. rose1943

    It is common in the area where I live in Chicago to see dog walkers walking even 3,4, and 5 dogs at the same time.
    The dog walkers for the WAG APP are licensed and bonded for security purposes. I presume they will only be walking one dog at a time.
    I understand that dog walking is a very lucrative job. The dogs get to know their Walker and it probably feels like their nanny.
    By the way we have many nannies around here.

  13. grandmaj

    I understand Rose. Was thinking after I posted my comment, there is probably people that are home 24/7 and yet still mistreat your dog. At least these people care about their dog enough to make sure they get a walk by someone.

  14. Abhilaaj

    Love for animals by those who kill at least one daily for food to me looks hypocrisy.
    The flesh eaters must know that the animals at many butcheries are killed mercilessly in stark violation of the law of the land.
    How do we justify the killing of pregnant fish in the rivers and sea..And of poor lambs, calves, frogs, turtles, tortoise and toads? We must stop shedding crocodile tears.

  15. Abhilaaj

    Oh no, it’s not meant for you or anyone specifically. It’s for those Animal Activists who call themselves as savior of animals but eat flesh EACH day on false pretext that one needs flesh for nutrition.

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