it makes me laugh when people say they don't eat fast food but like old fashioned cooking

my nan milked the cow to get the milk 

skimmed the milk to get the cream

churred the milk to pat the butter

would feed the chickens to get the eggs

would kill and pluck the chicken for sunday roast

would have pheasents hanging in the outhouse

would reel the fish off the boat

would hand pick from baskets the crabs and lobsters

would grow all own fruit and veg

she would be laughing in her grave to hear people say they like old fashioned cooking

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  1. happysailor1

    the play of words never ceases to amuse me. Bio, all-natural, natures best, etc… Old fashion cooking, home cooking. I am in total agreement with you Ion1934. It is the finished product and taste that counts. But I might also add here that eating out, fast food etc, for me lack the love and attention that self-prepared brings to the table.
    Your Nan, might laugh but would it not be in happiness? Yes, feeding yourself or your loved ones and friends is work but I see this as a labor of love as opposed to a chore. When I decided to cook for my wife, it was work, cleaning the veggies, gathering the necessary items together, cutting chopping dicing, planning seasoning. Quite a task. Yet the conversations while working, the offered glass of wine, the stolen taste of the sauce, or even the gentle occasional hint of betterment made this work a pleasure. And the ultimate reward a kiss, a hug washes away any and all thoughts of work and replaces this word with another Love.

  2. drummer

    You are quite right deaks – things have changed in the cooking department – so much so that I am able to cook a meal each evening as I have done for many years, but I have to be honest I do take advantage of all the latest
    frozen/prepacked as well as fresh foods – The deal is that my wife does the shopping – and I cook the meals.
    It works well for us, but as the son of a Master Grocer,
    I do try to make things tasty for old habits do die hard.

  3. starlette

    I would say it depends if you are bothered about the amount of salt, sugar, colorants, preservatives e numbers etc that have very often been added to the fast foods……..if not then carry on consuming them…odd ones can be a stand by…….but I am convinced that the increase of diseases in the body are more than just a coincidence, in my opinion its to do with the food we consume and the lack of activity in preparing and cooking it…..just my opinion folks for what its worth….

  4. deaks Post author

    the point I was making is every generation thinks yesterday was better
    to my nan anyone who buys butter milk eggs fruit veg etc she would consider these to be fast foods
    and the people lazy