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Hearsay is rumor or gossip. In law, hearsay means a testimony based on what a witness heard rather than what they witnessed personally.

What do we “really know” when we read a “news” source, or hear a “news” broadcast? We only “know” that we read it or heard it. I am guilty of often thinking I “know” something when I have had no personal  experience which would allow me to “know” that particular thing. I am trying hard to be more skeptical of all things. I come to have a feeling about information after additional information becomes available and a bit of news can become somewhat “settled” news in time and with more information. Even Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and others have been wrong. Venturing opinions and theories is how we come to think about things and some become “settled”.

Current news is or at least should be “unsettled” until more time and evidence “settles” it.

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  1. roseinbloom

    Lonerogue, first, thank you for writing this interesting blog and others also. I much prefer reading blogs than writing them.
    Some famous person said, ” i don’t care how skeptical I get, I cannot keep up”.
    I am a skeptic and I cannot keep up. I like to think I have an open mind but do I listen or talk more? My mind is still closed too much. An open mind and skepticism can be confused. An open mind listens and considers a Skeptic questions and rejects. I said I was a skeptic and I know that much that is believed is false, but I do want to keep an open mind about new information that as you said is not yet “settled”, at least in my mind. We do need to listen and verify, but people do not like to be questioned, nor do they like to give complete information, so skeptical people are not popular.

      1. roseinbloom

        LoneRogue, Acting and Politics, right, if you are very good at either, but people need to do some of both. Few people are interested in “TRUTH”; they are interested in their version or what serves themselves, so you have to sort people out and find people who seek truth or at least your version of the truth. I know I will be more careful in the future.

        1. LoneRogue Post author

          It is amazing that we all have a mind to take in all the stimuli that is flowing through it and so many allow others (friends, teachers/professors, the lady next door, our minister, our alderman, our tv program, our newspaper, etc, to decide , often WITHOUT question what we believe.

          With the ease of gathering information (and mis-information) now, shouldn’t we be more particular and inquisitive than ever before?

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Thanks for that Rosenbloom and especially your comment about “keeping up”. The reason I believe we can’t “keep up” is because we are offered so much misinformation along with real, truthful information. We must, if we are to stay true to facts, learn to ignore and spend little or no time on some sources of misinformation. Not easy to know which they are but we can only get close by eliminating those which we have found to be continually putting forth untruth.

      I offer an article which gives a very clear history of how and when our system of government went wrong. Became corrupt.


  2. Rockflower

    LR…..have you sat in a courtroom and listened to half a dozen people describing something they all witnessed. Or been to a play with someone, then over dinner you discuss what you have just seen and you wonder if you both saw the same play. Have you sat on something like a selection committee, and then discussed the interview and impressions of the candidate. and find everyone has a different idea as to what kind of person you just interviewed. It always amazes me that they all receive the same info’ but all interpret it differently. This is one thing, we colour any information with our own life experience.
    People do tend to hear what they want to believe, the con’ man tells us we have won a million dollars , he will transfer the funds if we pay a processing fee now! The politician tells us , my party will lower your income tax, lower sales tax, a 4 day working week…what ever. The Labour party in UK’s election this year , promised free university education for everyone, free daycare for every family.Massive support from students and young parents. Naturally the Labour party has had to change their manifesto now, once the costs came under scrutiny….But the massaging of the truth did the job because students and young parents really hoped for this, they wanted to hear this. and voted for it. So expect that who ever is doing the selling to make it sound good for you.
    Never has it been more important to question everything because we get information thrust at us from all directions. I tell myself constantly , when I get some interesting nugget of news….who is disseminating this news, what is the source, also why are they disseminating it ?
    You are right, anyone even with the best of intentions can make a mistake and be wrong. Remember when the teaching was…the earth was flat? This I think points to another very human problem….we take in some teaching, some opinion and we invest in it. Then we do not want to admit that we were invested in that belief so we resist questioning it. I try to tell myself to be flexible nothing ever stays the same….but not easy LOL.
    Finally, we are only human, all we can do is our best as we see it. but always be on guard for our own frailties.

  3. roseinbloom

    Rockflower, It takes intelligence to overcome bias and think as you do. We want things “settle” to use Lonerogue”s very good word for it. You use invest and sometimes we actually invest our lives and fortunes and other things and we have to continue to maintain. Politicians sometimes switch but mostly do not. They have their group and must stay with the beliefs of that group.
    We have to be an economist to determine if paying for day care will actually be a net gain. If people can go into the workforce it may work, but if there are no jobs, then it may not work.
    People need to know they are not qualified to make some judgments. In our country, the taxes have been greatly reduced for the top 10% leaving and corporations leaving a big deficit. Your country may be following a similar pattern.

  4. Rockflower

    Roseinbloom….oh yes Uk wants to follow your US pattern and even here in Canada. The rich, are constantly being “compensated” for being rich LOL. As we discuss here in our posts, the world has enough problems but I do think that the ever growing schism between the ultra rich and the others is a serious one. As was reported recently , a CEO who’s salary was 58 times that of his average worker, how does such a person know the kind of life that his worker has? True just as the poor are always with us, so have the rich always been with us. One difference now is that all the workers have insight into what privilege the ultra rich CEO has. Recently it has been published what some university chancellors are earning in UK…not only do they earn huge amounts but they live often rent free in luxurious accommodation tailored to their whims. This at a time when student fees are inflating to be almost beyond the reach of many. I heard a chancellor say her excessive pay was fine because it was no more than a professional footballer!?
    I am not against worthy people getting good generous pay for jobs well done but it is so totally out of balance these days. I also have distain for those rich who actively avoid paying taxes . I feel if is proved you do not pay your taxes, having spent thousands squirrelling your money away out the tax man’s view…….you should forfeit your voting rights. Ok I know that would be impossible but excessive tax avoidance is wrong in my opinion. Most countries need to pay more attention to distribution of wealth. As an outsider looking into America….I ask is the American dream over? It sometimes looks that way.

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