Have  the Bin Men bin ?

Having worked shift work for a long as I can remember , it’s the norm  for me to forget what day of the week it is every week. The days just tend to roll into each other throughout each year. Apart from when the refuge wheelie bins are emptied, every Friday this happens so its the only day I remember as its a regular weekly event, as long as I remember to wheel the bins out in time for the collection.

 So, my life has order I know every week which passes is marked on the special day Friday aka Bin Day. This is all very well until the festive break hits or any bank holiday break for that matter.  It is now I am completely thrown out because the regular collection day changes which means I have not got a clue what day it is when this happens.  I tend to wonder around getting totally confused as I try to decipher the council leaflet detailing when my different collection days will take place whilst trying to remember what the day actually is there and then, 

Regards Confused Doc 1 

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  1. We get notified of the next 12 months refuge collections every October. Bank holiday and festive collection changes are marked clearly. We must have a better local authority. The changes happen every year and ours just move to the following day for 2 weeks while they catch up as all workers deserve the right to have bank holidays off.

    1. Yes , I’m with you there, of course people need to have Bank Holidays off and yes we get good notification. All I am saying is its me, I get used to this major event happening at the same time every week. So as a shift worker it reminds at least about Fridays and it changes as it has to it kind of gives me a good laugh. I think maybe you felt I was complaining about something when its the exact opposite.

  2. No I didn’t think that, just thought you were saying you were confused because of shifts. I carry a pocket computer which I program things into for reminders, birthdays, appointments and alarms etc. Some people use this device as a communication tool but mine is used far more to jog my memory and pre warn of up coming events.

    1. Yep, I have all sorts of reminders and planners , even have an old fashioned diary to keep me in check. The whole point about my Bin Day is I really like the chaos it presents me. Sometimes just not being ahead of the game and forgetting some things feels great.
      Thanks for your comments . Regards Doc 1

      1. Be patient Doc1, when you get to your seventies every day will be like that, behind the eight ball all the time and not giving a care in the world about it.

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