Happy Easter

To all our Chatter Friends, A very Happy Easter...
It is Good Friday here today , time to reflect upon the sacrifice that was made
for us ...
Easter gives us chance to realize how fortunate we are in our lives, whether Christian or of other beliefs , nothing that besets us cannot be overcome ..

Easter Sunday a time for family," children," our future, hunting for Easter eggs, the joy when they have found them , this is the joy we should all strive for , because each day there is something in our lives that create that same joy , if only we open our eyes to see it .

The Easter message as I see it is, many of our Chatter friends are Mothers, who are moulded in the Angels image, they sacrifice, they give unconditional love , they overcome all obstacles to gift their Children the world and all it offers, so to all Mothers , Fathers , Grandparents, have A HAPPY EASTER .... GOD BLESS.....XXXXXXX

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  1. Drummer

    Hi Lani – it seems we are both having profound thoughts at this time – Yours I hope will bring peace and appreciation of families -even if they are not Chatters.
    To be serious – your thoughts and greetings are most appropriate and appreciated.

    Love and peace

  2. CSweet51

    Easter Blessings to you Lani. This is a time of reflection and family. I find the story of Jesus in the Garden praying to His Father the night before His crucifixion one of the most moving aspects of the holiday.
    May all our chatters have a most wonderful Easter.

  3. lani36 Post author

    I do hope Europe does not become another conflict zone it’s a conflicting world we live in today, warm wishes for a Happy Easter and a peaceful world…xx