The Happiest People in the World?

In my opinion they are the Norwegians. I submit an 11 1/2 hour video as my evidence. Not only the speaking, featured participants of this video but the many thousands of people shown having a very happy time at a myriad of activities.

This is a Netflix video and here is the description:

“Drift along Norway’s Telemark Canal aboard the MS Victoria as it sails through a series of locks and past points of interest between Skien and Dalen”.

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7 thoughts on “The Happiest People in the World?

  1. starlette

    I don’t feel I have travelled far and wide enough to be able to compare people…..French people I found aloof, the Germans more family oriented in their groups, Austrians pretty much the same…not keen on the Spanish………sure there are lovely friendly people in lots of countries but for me it has to be the Irish hands down……….for hospitality, generosity, welcome and the craic they are second to none………and the cleanliness in Ireland is top notch……

    1. len1932

      I have not traveled all over the world but been Canada, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, and others. I find from observation right here in the US that the Mexicans can get along with each other the best. We live in the country on a farm. A neighbor farm must have at least 6 families living all together in crowed conditions,

      1. len1932

        Another group of people that get along well is the people from India. They come here with nothing and move in with a friend or relative. Soon they join together and buy another house, and a car and they do that over and over for newly arrivals, The ones I know also send their kids to college and not on any college loans,

    2. LoneRogue Post author

      Wish I had worded this a bit better as I don’t know all the people of the world and so not fair to say this. Hope all of you will take it as I was impressed how happily everyone was in this video.

  2. annemarie

    I have only traveled to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, Victoria Canada , Acapulco Mexico, Bermuda and Ireland and found the Irish people the friendliest of all the other countries I had visited.

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