Growing up – then and now.

This is a subject that has probably been talked about many times here, so if that's the case, forgive me, as a newbie, for rehashing it. I grew up in West Yorkshire, England, in the 70s. I remember my favorite TV shows such as Alias Smith and Jones, Starsky and Hutch, Randall and Hopkirk and The Persuaders, and waiting impatiently all week for the next episode. I used to listen to the radio, hoping they'd play my favourite records. There was a thing called "dial a disc", where if you went down to the phone box and dialled a special number, you could listen to a pop song. You couldn't choose the song of course, you had to listen to whatever it was they were playing, which was usually "Rockin Robin". I remember once during the six week long school holiday, getting a letter through the post from one of my school friends asking if I wanted to meet up the following week. I was so excited because it was the first letter I'd ever received.

Now my grandchildren, aged six and four, can watch whatever children's TV shows they like any time on their tablets. Older children, teenagers and adults alike, hardly ever have to wait a week for the next episode, and in fact my children, who are in their thirties, avoid watching TV and instead stick to services like Netflix, where they can watch a whole series without waiting at all. We can all, my grandchildren included, play our favorite music whenever we like. And the biggest change of all. We don't have to rely on letters or pre-arranged meeting places. Teenagers can follow their idols on Instagram and Twitter. Everyone is connected all the time and bombarded with constant communication and information. On the whole technology is a good thing, but I get the feeling that growing up before the age of mobile phones and the internet made for more exciting and less stressful teenage years. And they don't make TV shows like they used to in the 70s either. Maybe that's a good thing!

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  1. roseinbloom

    I am happy for your blog and we haven’t talked about it recently and we all still like to share memories from the past. I grew up in the USA way out in the country so I have different memories than city people. I became a city person when I was eighteen and out of high school. I may say more later but I will say, I am glad I did not live through the Depression of the 30s. I am also glad that I grew up in the 50s which were Happier times. I like the quality of older entertainment of all kinds.
    Welcome to Sc and blogging.

  2. starlette

    Hi Beth, no looking forward to and anticipating for the kids of today, its all there at the click of a button…….progress was made as it should be, but lots of simple pleasures in life were lost along the way…….

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