Gender – Can more than two work.

Realizing that it is now common for many to feel that each person should be allowed to “choose” their personal preference as to gender.  Can that really work in “ALL” parts of life?  Will it work in sports?

Without trying to push any way of thinking it would be interesting to get a wide variety of thoughts on this from many members.

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  1. rose1943

    To me,Lone, it’s more like race, religion or nationality. I’ve been maybe more exposed to this living in the melting pot of Chicago IL as well as my children having lived here all their lives as well. My daughter has always had many gay friends that are like family to me. They are Generation X and didn’t come out of the closet until older and felt safer to come out especially with their families. I’m truly not sure how I feel about women playing the men’s sports with the men. That’s where I hesitate to agree that “All men are created equal”. I feel that women’s bodies can knock out babies, go through monthly “junk” that men would not be able to do (well, not as well as we do!) and that’s because we are not made the same.
    Also I don’t believe gender is a choice. I don’t think that should be taught. Can’t imagine anyone figuring that out as a young child….at least, good Lord, not until puberty!! I see no reason for parents to push dolls on a boy to play with because “it’s the right thing to do”. Yuk! Oh puleeze. They were reading too many books for sure. They want to be PERFECT parents but they know not what they are doing.
    Let’s face it, the world is very screwed up today. Someone writes a book, causes a movement, trends begin, it’s all in the news… one wants to BE DIFFERENT ……And everyone gets stuck with this going on. It grows and grows until it becomes a huge problem. Notice how everybody’s eating kale now. It’s THE THING now to eat or drink it in a shake. Yuk. I’ll have no part of it. Just another trend. Next week, what? I just feel STOP IT ALREADY. Don’t tell anyone but we’re ALL going to die.
    I believe in letting the gays be gay, the lesbians be lesbians but let them find it out by themselves. Then for crumbs sake leave them alone and keep them out of the news! Thank you for this blog, Lone.

  2. LoneRogue Post author

    I am not suggesting anything against homosexuality. That is a fact and has been for millennia. There is still just two sexes. Gay men are men and gay women are women. I’m asking about the often stated opinion that sexes can and are being changed.

  3. rose1943

    So, are you referring to getting sex change operations? I will say that tgat is a choice but if it’s important to them, so be it . Live and let live I say. The only thing I have a problem with is the bathroom situation, I.e. Who would go where🙄.

  4. LoneRogue Post author

    You mentioned sports and there now being two separate sexes seems, at least to me, a very workable system. However if men will be considered women and compete as women that does not make sense to me. How will it be handled if a man who wants to be considered a woman and uses a woman’s toilet and let us for instance say that a woman in the toilet at that time makes a complaint that this person was watching her “unnaturally”. Will society need to make some determination of what is natural or unnatural?

    Are we moving to the ridiculous for people to claim they are a myriad of different things just because of their personal feelings or statements. It may seem ridiculous but how far will this go? Will there be in the perhaps not distant future a man who has had an operation wanting to enter the Miss America contest. A woman who feels she is a horse wanting to be an entry in the Kentucky Derby. Ridiculous? I think considering that there are more than two sexes is ridiculous.

  5. rose1943

    Lone, I think it’s being taken one step at a time. Here I Chicago, you’ll see many restaurants and bars with 3 restrooms. One marked MEN , one marked WOMEN and one marked UNISEX. i think its a very good idea, no one gets slighted that way. Again I’d like to say that I don’t think they claim to be different as a choice. They were born that way, it’s in their genes. Our neighbors two doors away have a very different situation. The wife is a lesbian and the husband is gay. They have two lovely daughters. He has his gay friends and she has her lesbian friends. Hey, whatever floats your boat I say. You may see a Miss America someday and never know she was ever a guy. I have doubts about the woman being a horse……you’re going off on a tangent now. Anyways, good subject. Where are the rest of the replies? I’d love to see more.

  6. sallysue

    I do not believe sexual orientation comes down to a choice,I believe it is genetic. I also think labeling is dangerous,it leads to bias and bullying. I do so hope we evolve into a world of live and let live.. because we sure are’nt there yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. roseinbloom

      I agree with you Sally Sur. It is not our issue and we don’t need to worry with it at all. /Make all bathrooms unisex in small places or have some unisex bathrooms that lock and are for individual use. The least of my worries is a transgender in my bathroom. We have stalls with doors. Nuclear holocaust is a problem and this does not cross my radar screen except I hope hey can live happily and left alone to pursue happiness,

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