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    March 2, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    I adopted my Australian Shepherd seven years ago. My friend found him on the internet (Craigs List) for free. I had wanted to adopt a dog from an animal shelter but every time I visited one I came out in tears. I wanted to save them all. I told my friend that the only way I would get a dog is if one showed up on my door step. My friend was the door step. I met Kodi at a house where a young family lived. I asked why they were adopting out Kodi. They just couldn’t keep him anymore. I looked at Kodi and he was overweight, dirty, and didn’t have a tail. How could I have a dog with no tail ? It was not love at first sight for me. I sat down and he came over to me and sat on my feet and looked up at me with these beautiful golden brown eyes. At that very moment he adopted me. I took him home that night. I sat on the floor with him and he put his big paws on my shoulders and licked my face. He was a happy dog and at that moment I knew he belonged with me. An angel had entered my house that night.

    Kodi is 13 now. He’s still a beautiful handsome dog. He has lost most of his hearing and some of his eyesight. I have to lift him on to my bed at night. Of course he sleeps with me. He has been my best buddy for the last seven years. He is still feisty, goofy, very vocal, and energetic. He’s a velcro dog. He keeps a close eye on me and never leaves my side. We still enjoy long walks and car rides. He’s a great road trip companion !

    The last ten years have been very tough for me. Kodi has made seven of those years much more tolerable. All I have to do is look into those beautiful eyes. As I said before, an angel entered my house that night seven years ago.

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