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    Glass Beads

    Victoria sat under the large oak tree in their side yard with its huge limbs that seemed to drape its loving arms of shade over her and the kids. She loved to sit and watch the children play under this canopy of dappled light where a wind always seemed to stir. Victoria slipped into her daydream world where she recalled the incidents from last night’s dinner as Warner attempted to impress Paula with his pretentious nonsense of how he came to own his nursing home that requires so much of his time to maintain the high standard that earned him a bronze award with the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program.

    Paula’s eyes seemed to glaze over when he began telling her how he was able to provide for both the needs of his family as well as for his extended family at the nursing home. He conveniently forgot to tell her of his reprimand issued by the National Long Term Care Association Administrator for his anger issues.

    Victoria was startled as Clay yelled, “Mommy there is Miss Paula!”

    Paula stood on the front porch of her house and waved to Victoria and yelled out, “bring the kids I’ve just pulled brownies out of the oven.”

    Clay’s head popped up and looked to his mother with his big toothless smile while Beth was busy making her stickmen out of real sticks.

    Victoria laid her book down upon the soft grass under the oak tree, and she gathered the kids and headed across the street to Paula’s house.

    It smelled of warm brownies and lavender. Her style of furnishing was 1950’s retro even down to the stove and refrigerator.
    Clay went running up to Paula as if he had known her his whole life, and Paula reached down and grabbed him picking him up as if he were one of hers. Beth was a bit more reserved but then she has always been a Mamma’s girl.

    Paula, once again dressed in bright prints this time in a 50’s wiggle dress with multi colored roses embellished with a pair of matching mint green pumps, and a white lacy chiffon half-apron giving her the traditional 1950’s house wife look.

    “I love the way you set your house up with the vintage look.”

    Paula with a surprised looked, “what do you mean vintage?”

    Victoria giggled, “ok, well you have a lovely home and I love the dress.”

    Paula set out two small glasses with the Bosco bear character embossed on them full of milk for each of the children along with a serving of brownie and a scoop of chocolate ice cream.

    Paula stood back to look at her accomplishment as the children dug into their treats when she looked up at Victoria and asked, “how about you?”

    Victoria responded with a shake of her head while patting her hips, “no thank you Warner gets upset if I put on a few pounds, but that coffee smells good if you’d like to give me a cup of black, please.”

    Paula gave her a huge smile and placed a teacup of steamy black coffee upon a saucer, in tune with her fifties design.

    Paula served herself a cup of coffee with a saucer of as well, and she sat down to chat with Victoria. When Paula took a sip from her coffee cup, her pinky finger stuck out in the formal elite style of a lady indicating Paula was from wealth.

    Leaning in toward Victoria, Paula almost whispered as if a big secret, “Victoria, this gives me a chance to chat with you. I was hoping to ask a favor of you?”

    Victoria with inquisitive eyes looked up from her cup of coffee, “me?”

    Paula had a concerned look on her face, “yes you. I have a sister moving here from out of state, and all she has ever known to do was take care of children. I was wondering if she could help take care of your children for a small pay? It would give you a break to do things that you needed to take care of like shopping and maybe a class at the university, plus it would help her to get established with local people to feel comfortable with her keeping their children.”

    Victoria had a wary look upon her face when she said, “Warner would have an angry fit. “

    “Does he have to know what you do during the day at least at the first. If he were to see a difference in you, for instance, if you were to become more invigorated by spending time on yourself, he would appreciate you more and want to spend the evenings at home with you.”

    Victoria became fidgety with the cloth napkin that laid beside the saucer on the table as Victoria was unconsciously rolling the corner up and unrolling the corner of the napkin as she thought of what Paula was saying.

    “I could be there as well to help my sister out if that would make you feel more comfortable with leaving Clay and Beth with a stranger. I have already had the children warm up to me, and you know I adore your children. You have to trust someone to help give you some time to yourself, Victoria.”

    Victoria had a slight devious grin, “well, well, he would not have to know, I guess. He does give me a little cash that I have been saving in a cookie jar hidden away. At least not at first, I of course would tell him later if this works out.”

    A sigh of relief could be heard from Paula as she remarked, “yes, yes of course you can tell him. You have no idea how this relieves me.”

    “But we are going to do this on a trial basis, I will be at the house for the first week. I may go outside and spend time under my tree to see how the children and your sister get along. Deal?”

    Paula smiled and held her hand out to seal the deal with Victoria. Smiling, “deal!”


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