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    Glass Beads #3

    Paula blushed a bit as she said, “I’m afraid that I may be the reason that your wife is having to clean your shoes. My dog Lynx escaped earlier from a hole in the backyard fence. I have since fixed the hole and hopefully the little ‘artful dodger’ will remain in place now.”

    Warner cupped Paula’s elbow trying to pull her further into his home, “well Paula, is it? “With a slight turn of his head and a questioned look upon Warner’s face.

    Paula quietly affirmed his question with a nod of yes, ‘Paula.”

    Warner continued, “That is quite alright because Vickey was needing to polish my shoes and the dog **it was a good incentive for her to finally do the job. Lynx is a very unusual name for a dog, isn’t it?” Warner’s face glowed after what he considered to be a brilliant conclusion to an awkward situation since Paula once again jerked her elbow from Warner’s hand.

    Paula returned to Vickey’s side, “Vickey, please allow me to clean his shoes since the dog was mine.”

    As Paula extended her arm out for the shoes, Warner reached and grabbed Paula’s hand once again pulling her back into his house.

    With a smug smile, “oh no! You cannot ruin those beautiful fingernails. We would not want that would we Vickey? Besides your husband must like red and we cannot disappoint him, can we? Is there a husband?”

    Vickey felt it was her time to inject a response while holding one of the loafers in her hand, “no dear, we can’t have our new guest cleaning dog pooh, besides it is my job to clean his shoes.”

    “Now tell me more about your dog” Warner closed the door leaving Vickey outside to finish cleaning the shoes.

    A few moments later the door opened back up and Warner emerged while standing over Vickey and he wanted to know what was taking Vickey so long because Paula is staying for supper and the food is getting cold.

    Vickey rose from a squatting position, “here, I’ve finished your shoes, placing them firmly into Warner’s hands. Vickey asked, “did you offer her a drink?”

    Warner standing stunned with his shoes and the soiled rags in his hands as he looked from the soiled rags and his shoes to the two women, “well, what do you think? Of course – I think I know how to treat a guest. Just because I’m a man is no indication that I am totally ignorant of social graces.”

    When Vickey saw Paula sitting on the front edge of the sofa with her legs tucked gracefully back with overlapping ankles that twinkled with a tiny gold anklet. A colorful crepe skirt fanned over the edge of the couch and around her small frame much like a flower. Her elegance and charm had already mesmerized the children as they have now gathered around her as Clay was showing off his latest art project.

    Warner announced, “okay everyone it is time to gather at the table. Come on son I will put you into your chair. Warner stood in mid stance as Clay ran from his grasp to his mother’s side as she was bringing the rolls to the table.

    Clay grabbed his mother’s leg and with tears in his eyes and his thumb in his mouth, “I want my mommy to do it.”

    Paula seeing that Vickey’s hands were full and a sense that the frustration level was rising, so she rushed to Vickey’s side and tenderly touched Vickey’s arm and whispered, “it is all going to be all right.” Paula gently reached down and picked Clay up and placed him into his chair while pulling a laced handkerchief from the hidden pocket of her skirt to wipe Clay’s nose.

    Warner feeling rejected, held his hand up to Vickey when she asked him if he wanted a roll.

    Beth was giggling, “Mommy, Mrs. Paula is so nice, isn’t she?”

    Vickey smiled, “yes sweetheart, she is a very nice lady.”

    Warner contributed, “Yeah, yeah, the whole **mn world is nice so can we eat now,” as he slapped a pile of creamed potatoes onto his plate.

    To be continued…

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