follow up to vision impairment by Waylander.

I was so pleased that way brought this subject up, I have a serious sight issue as a few of you are aware , having had two surgeries in the past few weeks ... which has improved my sight a little , some loss has occured in nthe left eye and some days when my eyes are tired , my vison blurs and i make a few mistakes becasue i cannott see the keyboard properly ,, i thank all that bare with me when my typos occur, the brightness of the screen can be troublseome as way says ....

This sight problem so far because of a former injury to the left eye only affects the left eye , drops can hold the Glaucoma back as I have now been diagnosed with that nasty eye disease as well ..
As a writer i am coping, so far because i can type slowly and revise my work , on chat ,one has to be faster and thereby mistakes and typos are made,i do apreciate that chatters, assist me when i make mistakes i truly apreciate their support, you are all wonderful....

To all that are suffering from eye disease of any type do not be afraid to discuss it , becasue there is help and support from others , also as I havesaid before here,do take care of one's sight it is the most precious thing we have .......xxxxxxLANI.

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  1. sylvestercat

    Hi Lani,I`m sure everybody who enjoys your company in the chat room is aware for the typo errors,thats not a bad thing,for myself I can follow it quite ok as I`m sure can all others.

  2. roseinbloom

    Lani, I got a big shock when I could not thread my needle. I had used the sewing machine a few months before and was able to thread it then . I could see the eye of the needle as a blur. I had just been to the eye doctor and she said nothing about any change in prescription. I ordered new glasses from ebay and could thread the needle easily. I think I need to call the eye doctor for an explanation.
    Good luck with your eyes, Lani.