Favorite Artists?

Matisse thrills me. I have a tiny picture from his Red period in my room. He's bold and colorful, like a child's book illustration, but so much more.

I like to look at art books. Or, browse art.com, or mural art on google. Water views, whether they be beaches, rivers or streams. Art with humor.

So, does anyone else look at art for fun or, inspiration?

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  1. roseinbloom

    I don’t have one favorite artist since there are many that amaze me and please me.
    I think we all need to pay more attention to the arts of all kinds. I have seen the listener chapel and the Statue of David . I also saw the Mona Lisa in Paris France. I like a lot of Artists and I am not a fan of a lot of works by Picasso.
    Thank you for the blog about Art.

    1. rose1943

      Snow scenes are my favorite also. Tom Lynch does those of Chicago. I did a watercolor of my house in the big snowstorm we had here in 1979, hung it on my frontroom wall for me and my family to savor the memory. I will look up your guy.

    2. artnoils

      I liked Bob Ross. I enjoyed watching him paint. I still have some of the artwork I did when the joy of painting was on.

      Walter Foster was another great artist. Produced self-help art instruction books.

  2. starlette

    My favourite artist is L.S. Lowry……just plain and simple matchstick men…….I love snow scenes…….something magical and pure about them…..

  3. rose1943

    Mine Is Tom Lynch. Probably most of you haven’t heard of him. He does watercolor paintings of Chicago. I have 3 of them hanging on my living room walls. His paintings are awesome to say the least. Met him at the Gold Coast Art Fair here in Chicago…bought another one of his paintings…..perhaps because I dabble in watercolors I can appreciate his work…but if you would see ‘his stuff’ you would know why I am such a big fan of his. Google some of his work and you will see why..

  4. rose1943

    I googled Starlette’s favorite artist, Lowry. Great work and they showed the exhibition he had at the Tate. Awesome. Really good blog Ms. k. Thank you.

  5. jessamyne

    love art! appreciate many artists, but Dali and Picasso are two favorites. Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World is touching. and the Renaissance masters are nothing short of awe-inspiring

  6. Ms. K. Post author

    I’m so glad everyone is enjoying this topic. My childhood home was filled with art books, and art, since my mom’s a great unknown artist. I used to spend hours studying the books, and happily wandering in Washington, DC’s Smithsonian museum on family trips.

  7. lo1234

    Mary Cassatt. Love her Pastels. Monet, Vemeer, Turner. Omg there are so many. Even if I don’t like an artist’s painting, I interested in the brush strokes, the shading or what possible inspired them.

    1. LoneRogue

      I really like Mary Cassatt and Vermeer also and I’ll and a new name of one of my favorites, Edward Hopper And Rodin too.

        1. LoneRogue

          I would have loved to see it. I have been to a much smaller Rodin museum in Philadelphia. Sculpture moves me.

  8. vonMichael

    I got always fascinated by the poster artist who designed large poster for cinemas.
    Later on I developed more interests for fashion designer like ** Erte ** who desined many pages in Harper’s bazar, Elle etc. Besides that I favoured Wassily Kandinsky a russian
    painter and designer.

  9. justme1

    One of my favourite artists has to be George Stubbs
    Stubbs was born in Liverpool in 1724. His background was not particularly wealthy, his father worked with leather, and Stubbs received little formal education. Despite this he discovered drawing at an early age and used to sketch animals in his local district. Information is scarce about his activities until he was 35.
    Stubbs early career as a portrait painter took him to local towns, Leeds, York and Hull. Stubbs was interested, like many of the Renaissance masters (including Leonardo da Vinci), in extending his knowledge of anatomy, both in humans and animals. He made countless sketches and studies of both, learning the skills of his trade by observation. By 1751 his reputation was established enough to give private anatomy lessons to medical students. This lead to an illustration he made for a medical book on midwifery by Dr John Burton. He also studied etching, and was able to etch the plates for the book himself.
    I think because of my connection with horses I rate him as in my top 3 of artists
    Paintings by George Stubbs can be seen in many of the best art museums throughout the world, including the National Gallery of Art Washington;
    Yale Center for British Art, New Haven;
    National Gallery, London;
    National Portrait Gallery, London; Royal Collection;
    Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool; and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    When I lived in Liverpool I used to visit the Gallery there and was amazed by his talent, I do paint but paintings of horses I have never mastered

  10. TheWalker

    Sorry I am new here and just saw this thread which I found interesting. I do love Dali but also as a mathematician who also loves puzzles I do like the clever work of M.C.Escher. Good topic thanks.