Fairy Poop

I was being a grandma yesterday. I was the babysitter for the youngest of the trio. The girls were with mom and the boy would have been bored out of his mind with all the girl-stuff, so he remained at home with dad. Well dad's work called him out early,so grandma to the rescue...and I love it.

Before dad had to leave, we were gathered at the dining room table eating a bit of lunch, so Dad casually asked what we were going to do to pass the time. I said the sun was out so we'll probably walk the trail in the woods because it has become a tradition of mine to walk and find natural wonders on this path to photograph, and since it is spring, I was sure it would be a great time to photograph.

My grandson stopped his awkward way of cutting up his meat which is a skill that dad had just taught him how to do, and he was showing grandma how it was done, he stopped and looked up and said, "yeah, we want to see the fairy poop again!" His dad and I shared an off-guarded stare at each other, when it occurred to me that the last time we walked the path which was months earlier, it had totally slipped my mind, there was a discussion about fairies yet the details were a bit foggy in my mind, so I quizzed him about the details. 

Of course, dad was extremely intrigued about this subject, said son, "what are you talking about?" My grandson looked up with sparkles in his eyes toward me saying," you remember the green sparkly poop in the woods that the fairies left behind." Dad without hesitation looked at me and said, " oh yeah that would be fairy poop." My grandson seemed to accept dad's confirmation on the subject and returned to the task of cutting his pork chop. 

I told dad yes, we did talk of fairies, but I could not remember the details, it must have been the only explanation for the sparkly green slime.  Even though, I remember the fairy talk, I did not remember green poop.  So, when time came to walk the path, my grandson was more than enthusiastic as he skipped and hopped along with his dogs exploring the trail. My grandson ran back to me because he runs a short way ahead of me...lol...grandma just walks, I do not run, and he explained to me there were bees ahead. Sure enough, there were bees buzzing, and quite a few of them, so I scanned the trail until I found the source. It was a huckleberry bush loaded with tiny pink tinged-white, tear-drop flowers swarming with bees flying in an out of the blooms.  I tried to photograph but hard to focus with my phone camera. 

We walked ahead, as the trees faded from the thick young pine trees on either side of the path into an older patch of trees that have known some hard times, perhaps they were bush-hogged at one time because they grew with many abnormalities. My grandson had picked up a pine cone and kept commenting about the sharp prickles on the end of the pine cone.  Where the path of pine trees ended and the path slopped to a creek the hard-wood trees had bulges at their base where you could see the trauma that it had experienced many years earlier.  My grandson ran up to the base of one of those trees and the bulb at the base had developed a hole that caught water. It looked like a little toilet bowl at the base of the tree that was aged and had green moss growing from the water inside this hole and over the side (the green slime--fairy poop) now I remember. Fairy toilet, I know but you try to come up with a better explanation for this deformity to a trio of children that do not know what a bush hog is. The pine cone with the sharp pricks went into the toilet bowl and he was grinning when he said when a fairy goes to poop, they will get pricked. I asked him," was that fair? Because they may flush the pine cone." He seemed quite satisfied with his decision to leave the pine cone in the fairy toilet. We walked back home. 

Mary 03/09/20

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    1. I meant to say it, I just need to remember what fairy poop we talked about.
      Kids have to deal with the real world way too soon, and I’d much rather tap into their imagination than to drill them with facts. Because imagination creates new and different way of seeing the world. Thank you way for reading and commenting.

  1. I saw fairy poop one time myself. I was at a restaurant and had to go to the bathroom. The guy who used the stall just before me was gay and didn’t flush the toilet. Voilà!… Fairy poop.

    1. I have written them a children’s book not published, it has two stories in it. I also collect all of my writings….there will be a big bonfire one day after I’m gone…lol. Thank you so much Pronto.

    1. I assume you are talking about what you have told children… about fairies… but like so many things in life we have to face the harshness of real life a little imagination helps the imagination. It is the imagination that creates towers, bridges, airplanes…what is so common now was imagination before it was.

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