Exploring the West Midlands this Summer

My last blog covered some ideas in Scotland for a staycation, so I thought it would be nice to cover off another part of the UK that lends itself well to taking a local trip this summer. Again, with so many popular areas expected to be inundated with extra visitors this year instead of a trip to the continent, I want to show what is offered in the West Midlands, a criminally overlooked part of the UK.

The City of Birmingham

The main metropolitan area in this part of the country is Birmingham. For many people in the UK, Birmingham conjures up visions of the city’s industrial past and heavy manufacturing. The current view is that Birmingham has reinvented itself in the same way that other UK cities such as Manchester and Glasgow have, but without the same level of fanfare.

The town offers a cultural experience to those who want to learn about the city and its heritage. There are top attractions such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum which give you a lot to see in the city centre. The town also lends itself well to those who like a bit of retail therapy, with the best shopping in the region.

Countryside Walks

Not everyone wants to spend their precious holiday in a hustling and bustling city, and there is a lot more to the West Midlands than Birmingham. While many people might associate the likes of the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District with an English walking holiday, the West Midlands has more than its fair share of pretty countryside that is worth taking the time to explore.

The Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is a huge area of countryside that sits right on the border with Wales and takes in a rich environment that’s perfect for walking, relaxation, and inspiration. Be sure to check out some of the best walking routes in the area to discover this often-overlooked part of the country.

Towns to Explore

One of the best qualities of the West Midlands is the abundance of towns, villages, and hamlets to explore and stay in if you want to get off the beaten track. Royal Sutton Coldfield is an example of a well-sized town with everything you could need for a trip away without being swallowed up by the urban environment of Birmingham. The luxury Belfry Hotel is nearby and makes the perfect place to use as a base for exploring the area.

Online guides will show you some of the smaller gems in the form of places like Alstone, Shottery, and Wilmcote. The more reading you can undertake on these small places, the better an experience you can have. If there is one takeaway from everything written here today, it’s that the research you put into this underappreciated part of England will reveal a staycation that you might not be able to enjoy elsewhere in the UK. Think the West Midlands for your next trip away! 

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  1. An excellent overview of the west midlands CK, one that goes a long way toward enticing those contemplating a staycation to visit the area. Chatters has some excellent advocates for the area in which they live and all are to be applauded for their initiative. Your photo of the highland horses grazing amongst the gorse (? – please correct me if I’m wrong) gives a visual reinforcement to what you have said in words. Well done, and be rest assured you have an appreciative audience within the chatters group.

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