Ever had one of those days when you just cant win ?

I was recently walking back from town and cut through the local park, and seeing as I was carrying some heavy bags I decided to cut across the grass and as I approached some flower beds there was a guy sitting on a stool with a fishing rod over the flowers. Oh no, I thought it must be the local idiot, I know I will humour him  as I go past, so approaching him I said a cheery Good Morning,  caught many ? . Well without turning his head he replied...        You are the ninth !..   ggrrrrh !

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  1. roseinbloom

    Thank you for a blog and this one is interesting.
    I am so curious about why the man was fish over the flower beds or is this just a crazy example?. Is there really an explanation?
    I have had good days and bad days. I have had days when my luck was so good that I thought I should play the lottery. I usually don’t think of the total but I think of the events of the day. I have had an unpleasant day last Sunday. I was called to help with Church potluck and it seemed the woman in charged barked orders constantly.
    All my ideas were negated until I told her another person had told me to do it that way. About 7 PM I was in urgent Care with an infection but nothing that would contaminate food.
    I also made a large casserole which was totally consumed but not one word of thanks was said. Naturally, I don’t feel good but I am considering a way not to work with this person again.
    I was a supervisor for potluck for a few years and quit for similar reasons.
    Maybe, I need to say something but what?
    I don’t volunteer to be aggravated, so I don’t have many bad days since I retired and I avoid a lot of negativity.

  2. LoneRogue

    I’m wondering how, with that situation, anything said, could have been considered a “win”.

    1. tomtwodogs Post author

      Oops just seen your post Lonerogue, well the win would have been me making a condescending comment to someone I thought was the village idiot,. but he sure got me !
      right gotta go and get my tea out of the stove.

        1. tomtwodogs Post author

          Aaw many thanks 5mintbreak. er, I always take longer ones.lol. anyway the weekend starts here, and work is finished till Monday I think I will go and celebrate with a couple of beers and a nice meal in the pub , ..does life get any better? well yes,.. but that will do for now.

  3. tomtwodogs Post author

    Hi Roseinbloom, thank you for your reply , aaw take no notice of me its just my sense of humour,.. anyway I have just walked in from work after a 13 hr shift driving a truck around Lincolnshire and Northants, so I feel a bit like a sucked Orange at the moment, ( grins) I just hope there is no such thing as re-incarnation because knowing my luck,.. I would come back as Me !… but never mind tea is in the stove so I can answer your post while its cooking .
    I guess there is a lot of “personalities ” to be encountered in any work environment , and some not so good, but don’t let anyone bring you down, tell them if they can do better, go ahead.! just be yourself and carry on regardless.

    Ok better make a start !

      1. tomtwodogs Post author

        Aaw… thanks Marjory !, but lately the Path of my life is also strewn with Cowpats from the Devils own Satanic herd too, ( grins )…but never mind eh, head up and carry on.