Enter the Dragon

Donald Trump, President of USA has started off with good intentions
America first. Very patriotic.
Perhaps he has forgotten it was the immigrants that made America rich with their hard work and expertise.
He has put forward his idea that he wants to put a Tariff of 45% on all Chinese imports.
This could backfire and bite him in the bum as that will retaliate.

China has come forward leaps and bounds and although still very much a Commumist Country they have embraced capitalism and has become the largest Trade Exporter in the Word, and in the US too. They export to US $410 billion annually or 18.1%of its overall exports.
This includes Electrical equipment
Furniture, Lighting and Signs
Knit Clothing
Toys and Games
Foot Ware
Iron and Steel

The US exports $116 billion to China,
Including 15 billion Soybean and vehicles
A big discrepancy

Apple Computers are made in China!
If he increases the Tariff it will mean more cost to the consumer as well.

Also China produces 95% of Rare Earth Elements used in

Night Vision
Precision guided weapons
Defence Electronics
Communication equipment
GPS equipment
All used by the US Military

He would be well advised to reconsider this excessive Tariff increase

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7 thoughts on “Enter the Dragon

  1. Cloudless13

    Hi Fiori2

    I was listening to the news today and Mr Trump was saying he was going to make massive tax cuts in the USA…. firstly to large companies then to the middle class….. nothing for the workers.
    So he must have so many large companies employing many none middle class workers… so he wins both ways already… Has an air of something here that goes on.

  2. Drummer

    Hi fiori2
    You have summarized the activities of Mr Trump very well and succinctly -While I could not have set the details you mention so well – I do appreciate having them put so clearly. From my distant viewpoint I am reminded of an old
    saying “As you make your bed – so shall you lay on it” – I fear Trump may face many sleepless nights based on his immediate actions. Drummer

  3. fiori2 Post author

    And another thing!
    If Donald Trump can tax imports from other Counties why does the UK Government condone massive Tax Avoidance loopholes from 8 American Companies who funnel profits into low tax countries such a Ireland and Luxembourg? And why has Sir Shifty Green, still got his title when he stole his employees Pension Money and gave his wife many £millions tax free bonus because she lives in Monaco and His company worth £billions, is in her name They then put two fingers up at the UK government and bought a brand new Yacht costing many £millions
    UK is the laughing stock of the world for allowing this anomaly
    These Companies pay very little tax or none, on their massive profits.

    MC Donalds

    Yes! They have employed thousands of British people usually at the very lowest rate of pay
    But we, all pay our due taxes
    The small business in the UK is the backbone of the economy, and employ thousands. Yet HMRC goes threw their Accounts with a fine tooth comb to make sure they have not claimed a penny to much in expences.

    It was always thus “ The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”

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