Ensuring You’re Prepared For Later Life

Getting older is just one of the facts of life, whether we like it or not. Though it can be easy to sit back and accept the autumn of your years, your retirement can be all the more enjoyable when you have a clear plan in place. Having to burden your children with aspects of your life as you get older can be a cruel, unintended consequence of ageing. Here are a few things to bear with regards to planning that will help you to spend your days doing the things you want to do.


Having a home that isn’t properly up to standard can cause all manner of problems if the specifics aren’t correctly worked out. If you’re in the enviable position of having paid off your mortgage by retirement, ensuring your home is going to the right person in the event of your death is vital. When your last will and testament is unclear, that can cause a great number of legal problems, often to the detriment of your children.

Last Will and Testament

This is what normally catches people out, as talking about your wishes after your death can be very difficult. When people put this off, they are at risk of leaving loved ones in massive problems when it comes to determining what happens with their assets, such as the aforementioned property. There’s no shame in ensuring everything is in place before your time is up, especially when you factor in the rising costs of funerals as well.


When we look at cultures with a healthy, older population, such as Japan, the common thread is an active lifestyle. If you have all the time in the world to enjoy your retirement, physically being able to get around is a major part of that enjoyment. You don’t have to train for a marathon, but taking the appropriate exercise and that little bit of extra care with your diet can make all the difference. Even those who have historically suffered with poor joints could look into getting a knee replacement to help improve their health and overall mobility. The surgery has come some distance in the last few years and patients can enjoy a good recovery.


While your physical health and financial situation might be tangible things that can be taken care of, your own mental wellbeing is a different ballgame altogether. Having regular contact with friends and family can go a long way to making life that little bit more enjoyable. Even getting out of the house once a day and maximising your social interactions can make all the difference. For those struggling to establish a social circle, some of the many retirement communities for seniors can be a great place to start.

A lot of people dread the idea of getting older. Society almost sees it as being a form of social faux pas, but it is a natural and wonderful thing. The years spent in retirement have the potential to be amongst the happiest in your life, as long as you have planned for it. Living in the moment is what many of us do with our lives, but just being that little bit mindful of what is around the corner can save you a great deal of stress in the long run.

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  1. All good advice, and financial decisions can be planned and put into place preferably through a solicitor…….not sure other than that about planning your future too far ahead things happen, hopefully we stay mobile and reasonably healthy……..having a good social life and friends Is not for everyone, some people prefer their own company and as long as you keep your brain active i see no problem with that…..I think you have to learn how to be content with your own company because at times that’s all you have……people who always have to be seeking attention from family and friends can be very draining on others who still have busy lives……..it kinda bugs me when on a hot sunny day others say you should be sat outside soaking up the Suns rays…….yes I know the Sun boosts your immune system but what suits one doesent suit another…….so horses for courses, the individual person knows what suits them the best and would seek company out if that’s what they are looking for, it is not a sign that everyone is unhappy or depressed because they don’t want to join different groups and activities…its their choice and they shouldn’t feel guilty if they don’t, whatever floats your boat is the way to go….

  2. CKelly, You express a lot of good ideas about ageing and I agree with all of it. Naturally the devil is in the details and old age is hard to plan for or to know what to expect. Most of my life just happened but I kept an even keel and still do by trying to do the things you mentioned when not thrown by the chaos of life. Covid has interfered with my outreach to others, but I got to know myself better. Keep blogging CKelly, you have a good grasp and I like your blog.

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