Doors & Windows.

I was speaking to a friend at work  the other day and he said his New Years Eve  Tradition is to

Open every Door and Window in his house at a couple of minutes to MIdnight on New Years Eve to let out all the negative and bad vibes and let in all the new positives and goodness.

With the Year we have all just had and even though 2021 will be even more challenging to change what is happening around the globe I like many others will be trying to find those positive vibes.

So it makes perfect sense to me to give them helping hand into my house this New Years Eve by

Opening All my Doors & Windows 

” Happy New Year ” 

Kindest Regards Doc 1

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  1. Very similar to the Scottish custom, that we’ve followed for years: open the back door to let the old year out, and then the front door to let the new year in. (We also often leave out coal and kindling for a first foot to bring in — we do not have any open fires!) If we do get a first foot one hopes he has a dram wie him.

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