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Do We Lose It?

Hello folks, just been reading and commenting on a recent blog, a chatter Madge commented who looks at a 66 year old anyway. a 66 yr old man maybe!! or do men only look at the young  bodies, now if a older man had loads of dosh he maybe in with a chance to bag himself a young beautiful model.  Many men of our age, late 30's lol say they are not attracted to younger women, and I read that many young  men are attracted to the older women.

When do we lose our sex appeal?

I see many celebs on tv, men and women, and I think they still have the twinkle in their eye, and not all have gone down the route of facial surgery -Judy Dench in her 80's certainly  has kept her humour, which I find the biggest attraction in a man, who doesn't want to be with someone man or women who makes them laugh?  Julie Walters, Sheila Ferguson. Joan Collins, none of them Spring chickens but still interesting individuals.

Would any senior chatters consider going down the facial surgery path to keep your looks in keeping with your brain?  Or would you choose to grow old gracefully?  I cannot think of any one young man that I am attracted to.  Paul o Grady still has the twinkle.  OK. I know he is gay so I have to rule him out.  Barry Gibb from The Bee Gees still has the vroom factor.  Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart they still have it in bucketful's.

So big cheers for the older generation who are still rock'n it - are you ??

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