Differences in national cultures.

Recently it has been suggested that the composition of this site has changed from what was thought of as one particular nationality to a different one.  We do have different forms of government, educations systems, somewhat or radically different religious dominance's, etc.  In the long run is this a good thing for the world that more mix of interactions between national groups  takes place or do we wish to resist those potential changes?

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4 thoughts on “Differences in national cultures.

  1. rose1943

    Lone, I’m not understanding the point you are making. I read it 3 times and still was duh. I enjoy the people from tge UK, the Aussie’s and all others. I hung out in the Music room for a while but it clashed with my schedule and had to stop. I thought tge people from other countries take life much lighter than we do here in the US.A. So much fun. When I needed an answer to a question Neecee or Lo were always first to clear things up for me. All in all I wish I better understood your point. I’m sure we could have good discussions unless we bring up Donald T—-! 😊😊

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Well Rose, you understand my reason for posting this very well. All that you say I agree with. I think too it is better we encounter these differences and learn to think more together. I am simply asking if the comment that was made about the site becoming one nationality more than, what that person thought, was bad. I think it is evolving and that, IMO, is good.

  2. macathy

    Of course the site has changed,we have people coming and going all the time.Each person brings their one thing to the site.I find it interesting to chat to all people no matter what country they are from,it’s very interesting to see what differences we each have,

  3. kris52

    Of course we come from different countries We have different backgrounds etc. But we all have a lot in common. We are open to the differences and ready to learn from each other and about each other. We are here to make friends and promote a bit of peace in this world.

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