Dementia in the UK

There are 850,000 people in the UK suffering from Dementia
The majority is looked after by unpaid carers who save the Government £11,Billion per annum
Some do get carers allowance and other allowances, but this means tested.
It should be at least the minimum wage .
Many family members have given up well paid jobs to look after their family 24/7.
Dementia research is desperately under funded and the cause is not yet known.
The Government is happy to hand out Foreign Aid like Father Chrismas to Countries who do not need it, and when they receive it a large chunk goes to Dictators who send their many wives to Paris to but £1,000 Handbags with matching shoes, or it goes to the Military.
The Government has always been aware of this fraud , but continues to increase this Aid annually
It is scandalous the neglect of their own citizens, many who will die this Winter of Hypothermia as they can’t afford to heat their modest or rented homes.
Some of this Aid money should be used at Home
The fact is The UK public gives very generously to many Charities, some who have millions in the Bank and the Directors salary is more than the Prime Minister.
I am surprised there isn’t a revolution about this unjust situation.

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  1. jw1953

    Dementia is a growing problem especially when the population ages. I agree totally with you about foreign aide. We here in the US seem to be trying to buy friends and we all know how that works!

    1. fiori2 Post author

      The government prefer to be Philanthropists with £ Billions of borrowed money while neglecting their own.
      They could divert some of this Aid to fund research in Dementia and more help for carers to.
      They will not listen.

  2. Cloudless13

    Hello dear Fiori
    I gave up work to share the care of my mother with my sister.
    Because of the emotional connection it was one of the hardest things I had ever done. We walked the journey until the very end, with a lady who was no longer our mother, more a child. It was a painful journey and with no outside help, no money to help us through from outside agencies… I would not have had it any other way however the care from someone not emotionally connected seems more apt as it then leaves visits from family to be more personal, more tender, more centered on that person. Once into a caring role it does change I think how we may feel as so much frustration and anger cannot be expressed, one takes it all inward to cope with the care side of it all, which as we know can be full on..

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Hello Dear Cloudless
      You and many others like you are unsung heroes of the system.
      I know there is very little help unless you live near a Day Centre.

      Your dear mother must have appreciated you and your sisters help and kindness.
      It is not just and right they the Government do not offer more help.

      If their parents need help I’m sure they would be living a life of luxury with the best care available.

      As usual it is one Law for them, and others must put up with it

      Best Wishes


  3. goldengirl1224

    I also agreed completely with the points you have expressed in your blog Fiori – and often wonder myself at the amount of monies that are handed out left right and centre to causes ‘off shore’ — read recently that many millions of pounds had been granted to support a ‘girl band’ – in some offshore place – cant remember the location – meantime, here our health care system is under-funded and under – resourced and abused by people who should not be eligible.
    When I wonder is someone in authority going to put our own people first — and especially the elderly and infirm???

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Yes I agree goldengirl

      The Department in charge of F A is wasting money on non essentials
      It is criminal really and the money is not accounted for when it leaves the UK.

      Many agencies who handle the aid get huge commissions as well.
      If this happened in business they would all get the sack, instead they get rewarded.
      if you do your best you get a kick up the backside.

  4. starlette

    Well hopefully when Brexit is completed the outside aid will cease…….as we all know vast amounts of money are given to other countries when we are in dire need ourselves…….many of the countries are now better off than we are and use the money for advancement in space programmes etc…….the Red Cross is always well supported by us in cases of overseas crisis……..

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Yes starlette, you are right.
      India has more Billionaires then many other Countries yet they do not pay tax.
      Corruption and tax avoidance is rife in India
      Yet they spend millions on the Space Programme ,courtesy of World Aid.

  5. vonMichael

    Sorry I have now idea on how your health system is regulated and how it works? But when I see ( I call them brown sugar ) black people I first try to look into their mouth. They mostly have wonderful white teeth which brings up the tought; there must be more than one thing that goes wrong in our civilized countries???

    (…) Have you ever heard or read of a medical practitioner demonstration against the food industry, against Unilever, Nestle, etc.??? No, I do not neither.
    And why is that so??? They don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

    It find my deep belief in this expression; ** People, do you want to live forever? **
    No matter which county in our civilized world you go to, you’ll find the same problems which makes me think of the erasure of the OBAMACARE in the USA today. Michael

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Good Evening Good Sir

      Medical practitioners are at the mercy of Big Pharma, who pay them handsomely to promote their expenxive drugs that often make sick people much worse
      It is the same with junk food which is served in Hospitals when you are seriously ill

      Sadly even thogh their are hundreds of Cookery programes on TV with jumped up Chefs who can;t really cook well, people still eat masses of convenience and junk food. It is the moderm way to use a Microwave!

  6. fiori2 Post author

    I have always wondered why some people get Demntia and others don’t
    It strikes people from all walks of life some of whom have lived a healthy life with smoking, alcohol, or drugs.
    Many people with brilliant minds have succumed to Demntia and it is heart breaking to see them.
    I just wonder if the mind dis so stressed. it shuts down and remebers past times only?
    My stepfather had dematia but I had already left home some time ago and Mother took care of him at home with an occassional weeks respite when he was admitted to hosptal for checks. He was a lovley kind gentleman and always doffed hid hat whn meeting women in the street.He had a very good appatite and enjoyed Mother’ home cooking .but could be quite agressive and he was very strong
    My PC is faulty so I will have to continue another time

    1. fiori2 Post author

      Continued.. I remember when my Stepfather for showed signs of Dementia at age 70 years
      He would go shopping and forget and bring back the wrong goods, even with a list.
      He then started to give whole packets of cigarettes to strangers ,as well as money and Mother had to ration the cigarettes and money as well
      He went for his usual health check and the Doctor saw Mother privately to tell her the bad news. He was in the first stages of senile Dementia and this would get progressively worse, She insisted that she would take care of him at home. You would not know his problem as most of the time he was extremely lucid, but often referred to the past, in particular when he was a young man.
      They live on the Main Road near all the shops and he would go and get the Newspaper next door.
      One day the Manager of Thomas Cook’s called on Mother and said “Could we please have the deposit for John’s booking to go to Australia”? “Pardon” she said. Apparently he had been in Cook’s and said he needed tickets to Australia, They had no idea of his dementia. And sent him home to get the deposit, he was sitting in the lounge and when mother asked him about it, he could not remember and he did not know anyone in Australia
      She had to cancel the ticket.
      Another time when they were in bed asleep, he got up and found the key to the front door,
      It was a cold, windy night and mother did not hear a thing, it was 2 am
      He put his hat on and shirt and shoes and socks, minus his trousers and off he went.

      The Police found him at the Bus Stop half dressed, with shirt tails flying in the wind, waiting for the bus to Manchester where he lived as a young man.

      “Hello John What are you doing here at this time they asked” Just waiting for the Bus he answered. “Well, no buses till 6 pm they said,and you are going to get very cold without your trousers and coat, Let’s take you home. Does your wife know you are out”?
      They took him home in their car and had to knock very loudly to wake mother up.

      She made him some tea and got him back to bed and had to hide the front door key as well as put extra bolts on the door
      Sadly, he became incontinent and she still took care of him , the health service supplied and delivered disposable wear for him free of charge.

      He lived for another year and only went out supervised
      One day he was enjoying lunch of Steak and Chips and Apple Pie and Custrad.
      Mother cleared his plate and went to the kitchen to make him some tea.
      When she returned, he had his head on one side and she thought he had gone to sleep.
      She went to make him comfortable and his head would not stay up.
      ”John,wake up you can rest in bed” His head just flopped back down and she realised that something was wrong, and sent for the Ambulance. They were unable to resuscitate him and they took him to hospital. Death was due to a Major Stroke.
      Mother was grief stricken and though she could have saved him. In fact, no one could have saved him as if it happened so quickly without any warning.
      He had been quite cheerful in the morning as well.

      We must all be grateful that we are reasonably healthy, and do not have Dementia.

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