It's that time of festivities once again,Christmas day, a special day where, If you are similar to me , you take stock of the year that is passing and the New year to come...

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, to all my chatter friends,newbies, and those i am just getting to know , may your christmas be bright ,happy and safe...

I would like to thank Rob for commencing this site so that other older people in our society could mix and mingle with like kinds, thank you Rob and merry Christmas, to our Administrators who in tough days have to deal with all types of issues and do it wonderfully well , Merry Christmas to you , and to all the lovely warm friends I have met here in Senior Chatters.I wish all of you , the happpiest of Chrsitmase' s
with family and friends and the chatters that are alone this Christmase special festive blessing, we are thinking of you ....

Let us all be aware this New Year , that we are all similar, we love , we hurt , we laugh,we have issues at home , some have ill health,so lets try to make a great effort this New Year to try to have more understanding of each other , more respect,
less criticism, more joy in our hearts ...

Thank you to all that have made me feel part of a big family of sisters ad brothers and being part of a huge cyber family , to me it has meant the world as I have none of my family left with the exception of course of my beautiful children and Grandchildren...


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  1. cappuccino

    Wonderful sentiments Lani,and a Happy christmas to you too. 🙂
    You have convinced me that I should make more of a effort to bring joy to the heart of the buxom,blond bacon slicer down at the corner shop. 🙂

  2. sylvestercat

    Merry Christmas Lani,I had a wonderful afternoon and the hordes enjoyed what i cooked up,so tomorrows boxing day,the day to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and then the cricket,what a great time of year.Its all so good I`m unable to runaway from home,hahahahahahaha

    1. lani36 Post author

      hahaahahha Sylvesterm so pleased you had a lovely Christmas day , yes the yacht race is going to be a corker this year weatheR has changed ,not good really .. hope all arive in Tasmania safely ..

      CRICKET ,ll be watching that allthough i have more visitors coming for dinner today from the city ,salads coming up, no more cooking for Lani today ….Had a big day out tat the farmyesterday , too much food and toomuch champagne hahahaah buta great dayw tih the littlies .

      Co ntunue to enjoy the holidays sylv , see you again soon on chatters ,byeeee xx

  3. keeper of dreams

    Thank you Lani for expressing very much of what is also within my heart.
    Although a comparitive newbie here, I have settled in well and made a host of very understanding and lovely friends in this short space of time.
    Furthermore I hope that in time, I can also take part and contribute far more.
    I am housebound and for the latter of the year part bed or Hospital bound,with no little respite on offer for the new year as yet………….I live in perpetual hope.
    Whilst also without family, like it seems yourself……. other than my carer and husband…………so I value and truly appreciate very much the friendships made here.
    To you Lani and to all my new found friends …………and hopefully those to be!……….may I wish you an abundance of inner peace,contentment and that ability to always seek out the best in others.
    Also much more writing ability throughout the New Year!I am an admirer and as you know have a similar itch on my better days………….born with a pen it has been said………… though sadly fast depleting!
    Keep happy,safe and keep closely in touch Lani.Enjoy this special day.

  4. lani36 Post author

    wonderful sentiments K,OD . i do sincerley wish your New year brings you better health , it surely has been a challenge for you … rest assured we are thinking and praying your health improves in 2016…

    Happy New Year …. xxxxx ((((hugs()))) Lani .