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    1. starlette

      Have to comment on this thread again re the LA shooting…….as the news keeps unfolding, and interviews taking place, I am shaking my head in disbelief what I am hearing…..just 30 mins ago I hear Trump saying now is not the time to discuss arm WHAT !!!, just yesterday in a interview a twallop in America says hopefully things wont change regarding there gun law…its not an issue……WTF……

  1. starlette

    Ty LoneRogue for clarifying……… well all I can say is you have to continue to live your life in a normal way…..we are in the midst of terrorism and have no idea when or where the next attack will happen……..no ifs but when…….cannot become a recluse and hide away……..the LA massacre………what can I say, there are no words……….just thoughts and prayers for the bereaved families and hope the injured recover well……

  2. waylander

    Avoid that sort of chaos? OK. To do that, avoid crowds, walk by the walls, always make sure you have an open way to run. Trust no-one. speak to no-one. Avoid emails and the internet.

    That’ll probably, only probably, keep you out of trouble, but then you see you will have also ceased to live and that means that chaos has won anyway, because it has made you too frightened to live.

    So I recommend carrying on exactly as before, with perhaps a little more awareness of what’s around you, and don’t let the fear of something you can’t control ruin your life.

    1. LoneRogue Post author

      Well Waylander You really got me thinking. I’ve been in tight spots before and haven’t quit but I guess it is age and that the spirit of the good people in this world seems not what it was. Not a reason to give in but I can’t see a way the world will get back to more positive than the very negative that we have now.

      What you said made me feel a bit hurt but now maybe you can come up with a kick in the ass to get me moving forward again.

      1. waylander

        I’ve always found the only person who can give you that kick in the ass is you, but I suggest looking through the news for the occasional good story. I know they are hard to find because the media loves misery, but they’re there, as are good people.

  3. roseinbloom

    I agree with waylander, but I also think we all can make some difference in this world and speak for what we believe is right and make calls and send letters to our leaders. We can stand with people who are peaceful and caring for others.

  4. vonMichael

    Good question LR, good question.
    You call it chaos which I wouldn’t fully agree. This is an reflection of the social instability of a country. The past shows it; it is unhealthy to give to much individual
    freedom to individuals.
    People have to feel the strong hand of the laws. The situation we all have to face
    now in most of the coutries; one can’t trust neither politeness or the smile of a
    Let me try to give you an example which doesn’t fit by 100% to my sayings.
    Once I had a dog since it was a puppy. It was a very friendly dog, obedient and
    let me say it: ** devoted **.
    One day at its age of 8years this dog turn on me in a very agressive manner. The
    dog had no reason for his behavior It turned to be mad out of the blue and it left
    me no other choice than to put it to death.
    The question that came up to my mind: have I been to soft to that dog or to strong?
    Did I hurt it the minute it turned on me?? What could have been the reason for its
    agression?? No one could have given given me a decent anseer to my questions.
    So my fathers words are very true; no one can look inside the head of the opposite.

    Even different upbringing of that dog would not have prevented me of its behavior.

  5. vonMichael

    Hello Drummer,
    happy to hear from you that your shoe clinic has solved your Problem. Back to chaos;
    me and I thin Thousands others too can’t escape from the daily chaos in the world.
    I will come up to this topic in a special blog next week.
    As much as people have given up ethical values as measured values for good and bad
    crime situation in Europe and the rest of the world will rise thatss for sure.
    Example; if rape reprobates to a peccadillo and the chance of getting caught and
    brought jail rates by 50:50 the culprit has nothing to be afraid of.
    As long as a mental illness, alcohol, backout, drugs a.s.o. influence a judicial decision
    and the jail is not a jail any longer cos it turns out to be a one ore two star
    accomodation as long no inhibition threshold is been given the social instability of a country will grow.

    I wish you long walks in the last spells of summer and kind regards, Michael

  6. bethc1959

    The mass shootings in the US, the terrorist attacks in the Uk and Europe, are horrifying and very depressing. However, to address the original question of how to avoid such chaos, here’s what I tell myself, in my usual flippant way. Imagine, heaven forbid, that I had decided I had had enough of this life and wanted to end it all. I wouldn’t think, oh I know what I’ll do, I’ll go out to a mall or another crowded place in the hope that I get caught up in a mass shooting or terrorist attack. That should do it. No, because it’s extremely unlikely that my life would end that way, on that day. So unlikely would it be, that to rely on it happening would be ludicrous. In other words, don’t worry. The chances of you getting caught up in such chaos are extremely remote. I know that’s no consolation to those who have been directly affected by such events, but it’s the only way we can carry on as normal

  7. rose1943

    Referring to the Vegas shootings: My daughter is a Science teacher in our Chicago Public School. The kids starting raising their hands in class the other day very quickly at the beginning of class. They were aware that something horrible happening and that many people were killed. Their other teachers would not talk about it. They knew that if they asked her, she would try to discuss this on their level. Sure enough, these kids were terribly frightened and were expressing this. She explained it as best as she could to fit their minds.
    We are Seniors. We have lived long lives. Children have not. Don’t you think they are worried each and every day about what is going on in our country? Not only because of these crazy shootings, but much more?

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