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this blog is about the recent changes to our lobby chat,I have no objection to change , it is often a good thing in many ways ,but the change in the senior chatters lobby chat if they are permanent, are not so good ...
A few items about the new chat site i would like to put forward,1cannot see the font it is too small and i can,t enlarge it on my laptop, there must be more chatters who are having the same difficulties, which doesnt help ...., I do have a vision problem.....
I am writing up Maizes Newbies groups while she is on holiday and i have had quite a few Newbies saying they can.t find their way about , and they can.t work out how to talk with more than one on the new site ,bottom right which is now called the new lobby...
I have refered them to Admins hoping they can instruct the Newbies how to go about the new chat idea , I sincerely hope we don,t loose the newbies...
I am having to turn my head from side to side just to try and read, so if the font can be increased in size from the chatters end it would be extremely helpful, I have tried to increase it from my laptop but cannott..... I do hope this is a temporary measure as I can,t see the chat site improving if a search has to go on to be able to speak to someone and when they get there they can,t read what chatters are saying .....
I,M certain i would not be the only chatter with a vision problem, so it.s not only affecting my being able to chat and if there are more than I , it won,t be long before they cease chatting , and the reason most of us joined Senior Chatters was to chat with like minded others , it is called senior chatters after all.

I do hope it is only temporary ? xxxxx

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6 thoughts on “changes to lobby

  1. roseinbloom

    I did not know that we are getting a new chat lobby. I come back from vacation with a lot of changes. If this is our new lobby, I just don’t know what to say except; OMG.
    expletive, expletive, expletive.

  2. macathy

    Lani I spoke to rob told him lots want the text made bigger he said he will try to do it ,so I hope you keep perservering with it.these things take time and changes often take awhile for us to get used to,

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